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for when the inflatowedge can't be inflated
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As you may know, I was at a party on Friday night. One or two halfbakers where there, but it wasn't my place to invite you all, for which I'm sorry.

Whilst drinking myself to an Artois stupor, I got thinking of solutions to the problem of the broken toilet cubicle door and how to avoid being interrupted mid flow, so to speak. Some halfbakers may have read one potential solution.

The telescotube will stop someone poo-pooing your pooing. Fitting neatly into your handbag or pocket, it can be whipped out in the event of a cubicle door catastropy. Using suckers to hold it to the cubicle wall behind the loo, it can be telescopically extended to hit the door, holding it solid.

Poo in peace. Sorry.

jonthegeologist, May 23 2004

Inflatowedge http://www.halfbake.../idea/Inflato-wedge
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]

Telescoping curtain rod http://www.blackand...05_16439_16501.html
Rubber feet instead of suction cups, but probably just as effective. [phoenix, Oct 05 2004]


       Suckers are not going to stop that drunken quarter-back. See links on other idea.
DrCurry, May 23 2004

       [DrCurry]... quarterback in the ladies loo? This is supposed to be a minor deterant to the wouldbe cubicle invader.
jonthegeologist, May 23 2004

       It's quite a problem. However, I think the wedge is a better solution. A lock-deficiency creates two problems for the girl about town. Firstly, holding the door shut whilst weeing. If the toilet-door distance is not too great, this can be achieved with a foot or a hand. Or the Telescotube.   

       The second problem arises when trying to pull up one's trousers. This is what causes the acrobatics - trying to hold the door shut with your head whilst pulling up your pants. The Telescotube isn't going to help in this particular respect. You'll still be short of hands.   

       The Inflatowedge is better for the whole redressing thing.
hazel, May 23 2004

       What about if the quarterback manages to get past your security precautions? What then? While the telescotube could serve as a handy bludgeon, the inflatowedge would no doubt make a fearsome dagger. So hard to choose.
spacemoggy, May 23 2004

       [jg] Am most offended that all halfbakers were not invited to this soiree, though I must say you Englanders are a prissy bunch. Here, we would just piss in the pot plants (the sheilahs that is - blokes don't piss at parties).
ConsulFlaminicus, May 23 2004

       I never get the party memos. Maybe if I tried a new deodorant.   

       //That's one BIG wedge to carry.//   

       ...but if it's inflatable it packs right down...
hazel, May 24 2004

       Actually, I prefer the tube to the wedge. Am I the only person?   

       Only problem that it usually your shoulder, when sitting, is pretty much in the line between the swinging edge of the door and the wall behind it. If you specify that this is designed to be mounted high to the door, then it's a brilliant idea.
shapu, May 24 2004

       i reckon you could tube it at any height in the cubicle so it could be well above your head when seated.
jonthegeologist, May 24 2004

       [Consul] you were lucky to miss out. The party was help by a Dutchman who insisted everyone drink curious dutch liqueurs. If you are not familiar with the contents of a dutchman's drinks cabinet, I strongly advise you to stay that way.
hazel, May 24 2004

       <shudder> Flashback to student days...one balmy afternoon, a bottle of Advokaat, a bottle of green Ginger Wine.....those damned Dutchmen...<shudder>   

       [shap] It's the tube for me too. The wedge would be on the floor, and there's no way I'm tucking that back in my handbag....er...
ConsulFlaminicus, May 24 2004

       "i reckon you could tube it at any height in the cubicle so it could be well above your head when seated." If made properly, it could just span across the cubicle in front of the occupant, parallel to and in very close proximity to the door. Then it wouldn't interfere with the occupant, sitting or standing, until said occupant, being drunk, forgets about the bar, attempts to exit the cubicle and begins shouting at whoever locked them in the $#**@!! stall.
Gromit, May 24 2004

       //Using suckers to hold it to the cubicle wall behind the loo//   

       The challenging part is finding a big enough sucker at a party to come into your cube and hold the door.
Worldgineer, May 24 2004


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