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Unmistakably macho tablet case

For Blokes
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Tablets are useful devices. One of their main advantages is portability.

However, it is unwise to transport a tablet without enclosing it in some sort of protective case when not in use.

The problem is that the cases provided by both manufacturers and aftermarket vendors all too often look like - despite being made of tough, woven black polypropylene - handbags.

There. We've said the H-word.

This is Not Good.

Fortunately, the designers at BorgCo have come up with a solution to this problem.

The new BorgCo tablet* case is made of gunmetal-grey titanium. It has flashing status LEDs and a small touchscreen; there is a fixed 2.4 GHz end-fed antenna, and a fold-out mesh dish antenna. It has an integral Li-ion powerpack, a laser pointer, an LED flashlight, a universal mains adaptor, a USB hub, and a cellphone charging dock. There is a sheath for a survival knife, and the shoulder strap is rated for climbing and attached with real carabiners. When opened up (it's a clamshell design) it can be worn around the neck as an impromptu bullet- proof vest, protecting the thorax and upper abdomen.

And if you drop it with your tablet inside it, the tablet will be protected.

And you won't look like a girl.

*Android devices only. Inserting any device running iOS into the case triggers the self-destruct mechanism.

8th of 7, Jul 24 2014


       This sort of visible compensation for insecurity might fool children, but adults generally see it for what it is. Nothing impresses like confidence and strength neither of which is conveyed by making dramatic efforts to avoid being perceived as "looking like a girl". No matter what else it looks like, cowering in the fear that someone will misjudge you looks pathetic.   

       Want to look great and have nobody mistake who you are? Do what you like, wear what appeals to you and live like you don't give two shits what some stranger is going to think.
WcW, Jul 24 2014

       He's right, [8th]. Do what [WcW] says - don't listen to anybody.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2014

       //Don't listen to anybody.//   

       Yeah, try that when you're a Borg.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2014

       Better watch out MB, your use of logic is making you look like a girl.
WcW, Jul 24 2014

       Maybe, but my tablet case is hewn from granite, and has spikes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2014

       //shouulder strap//
This single extra vowel makes the whole idea text sound in my head like Kenneth Williams is saying it.
calum, Jul 24 2014

       //looking like a girl   

       Surprisingly difficult.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 24 2014

       Can you add a det cord shoulder strap option?
Grogster, Jul 24 2014

       Oh alright (+)... as long as the tough, woven black polypropylene accessories don't make my mascara run.   

       //as long as the tough, woven black polypropylene accessories don't make my mascara run   

       It's a devil, isn't it.....
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2014

       Sporran tablet case.
pocmloc, Jul 25 2014

       Touchscreen sporran ? You should post that, [poc].
8th of 7, Jul 25 2014

       Only south of the border....and that's not some kind of euphemism if you're wondering
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2014

       [WcW] Men are different from women. Manly things have been associated with similar concepts across disparate cultures throughout history. To pretend this difference doesn't exist is just silly. One major theme in manly things has been utilitarianism. (not in the philosophical sense) Pretending anything is manly as long as you're being tough about it ignores this fact and in the long run just won't stand.
Voice, Jul 25 2014

       I think it would be more "utilitarian" if the "self-destruct" mechanism was instead a "tablet destruct" mechanism. Then the case would survive to be usable for the type of tablet it is designed to hold.
Vernon, Jul 25 2014

       //One major theme in manly things has been utilitarianism.   

       Erm, that's a bit debatable, utilitarianism is more of a recent thing....I was going to say puritanism, but them stoopid stove-pipe hats were not exactly utilitarian...   

       I'm thinking more pharoahs wearing eyeliner to the real pirates*, the version of what is manly has changed a lot..   

       * I mean like the ones with royal charters, wandering around the world ripping people off, saying "I claim this land for the Crown, and god help the natives" and all done in silk stockings and (what would now be seen as) girly shoes
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2014

       The whole "men be different from women" is as tired a defense for masculine insecurities as I have ever heard [Voice] . I made no assertion about toughness or that men and women were the same. What I did attempt to assert is that gender is largely what you make of it. Loud attempts to advertise that you are fitting into a social gender mode are red flags for insecurity about your identity and your ability to distinguish between and internal rational sense of self that is organic to your nature and an identity dictated to you by your social mode. Yes, we can tell the difference and yes, it matters.
WcW, Jul 25 2014

       What wcw said... possibly.   

       There is something a little odd in one of the 90% of the population who are heterosexual trying really hard to show they are one of the 90%...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2014

       tired? That just means you still haven't come up with a decent aguemtn against it. Eyeliner on pirates and silk stockings on invaders don't count for much when compared against the heavy full cloak of frills women of those cultures were wearing at the same time.   

       You want to see deliberate differentiation into one group as desperate and insecure because you disagree with the attempt. You don't have any real reason to call it such, it just makes you uncomfortable so you want to put it down. One's identity can echo one group or another without in itself becoming thereby less worthy.
Voice, Jul 26 2014

       //one of the 90% of the population who// claim to be //heterosexual trying really hard to show they are one of the 90%//
pocmloc, Jul 26 2014

       Erm, well on a probability basis, they would be part of the 90%....9 out of 10 times. That`s the problem of being part of a large majority, it all gets a bit predictable.   

       As for what Voice said, perhaps it`s cos i`m tired and hungry, but I don`t understand it.   

       However, I refute categorically ever having had an aguemtn..perish the thought.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 26 2014


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