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Unmanned Aerial Garbage Receptacle

Never take out the trash again.
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When the dumpster senses it's full, its wings deploy and takes off. It locates the dump by satellite tracking, makes a garbage dump bombing run, refuels at the compatible fuel station (same on used by your Unmanned Fuel Tanks on your car), and returns to it's previous location.

It can be called on if needed at remote locations. Had a party at the park? Call on the mobile Unmanned flying Garbage Receptacle, it will pick up your trash and take it away. No pilots needed, all flight is autonomous and preprogrammed.

Smaller versions are available for the home/office. They take your office trash right from your cubicle to the larger containers outside.

Of course recycling is encouraged.

dag, Jun 14 2002


       Yes, but now they will be able to devote more quailty time to dusting and vacuuming.
dag, Jun 14 2002

       Er, um, who's paying for this, again?
phoenix, Jun 14 2002

       Sure, pick on the little things...
dag, Jun 14 2002

       dag - a bit heavy on the unmanned flying object theme today, are you not? More details please - these wings, do they flap? This 'picking up garbage in the park', how many robot arms does this thing have? Are all park locations preprogrammed? Come on.... surely it could use the magic garbage to methane fuel instant generation facility that would be built in at the factory...
drew, Jun 14 2002

       Where do I recycle my old aerial garbage receptacle?
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2002

       Just think of the mayhem an old UAGR creates when it gets an error in the navigation system and dumps its load on a nonexistent garbage dump...
Saruman, Jun 14 2002

       Funny, I saw this in the 'recent 3' list and thought it was... Unmanned Aerial Garbage Receptacle Tornado Barrel Riding   

       Sounds like a new Rodeo sport.
RayfordSteele, Jun 14 2002


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