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Trashcan Rover

If Oscar the Grouch were a Robot used in Espionage.
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In spying on people, a useful method of gaining information is stealing their garbage. Thus the only logical solution: A garbage pale rover. Basically take an old fashioned metal garbage can and put weights inside so that it is stable like one of those inflatable punching dolls that never stay down and stand back up. After that attach a remote controled car of some sort to the bottom so that it can be driven around. Then have a motor to open and close the lid. Inside the lid will be storage space and a mechanical arm to grab things via a hook or other device. Four small cameras will be mounted at 90 degrees around the can, so that one can see everything around it. Then add an attenna, reciever and transmitter to control the garbage can and get images.

Basically it would be used to spy on people visually and pull up alongside their garbage pales, undo the lids and steal their garbage via the mechanical arm. A hideous odor can be added to the machine to keep away the curious.

MrDaliLlama, Aug 21 2004


       ""Big Brother is watching - eww! a used condom! yuck!"
Cats Whiskers, Aug 21 2004

       Could also replace the suspects trash can with one that has a automatic document feeding system and a scanner. Then all trash is scanned, OCR'd and transmitted to you as soon as it is dumped.
James Newton, Aug 22 2004

       'Attenna' , The relatively unheralded Greek electronics pioneer....
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 23 2004

       ...working from a whiter shade of garbage pale.
FarmerJohn, Aug 23 2004


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