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Van de Graaf scepter

sparking scepter
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For the large robotic bishops in chess sets that use large robotic bishops.
Voice, Jun 13 2010

The Turk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Turk
18th Century Robotic Chess [csea, Jun 14 2010]

Monster Chess http://thenxtstep.b.../monster-chess.html
Like this with sparks? [csea, Jun 14 2010]


       ok, this sounds cool! + though I've never played roboic chess.
xandram, Jun 13 2010

       So disappointed I can't have one for the *small* robotic bishops in a portable chess set.
mouseposture, Jun 13 2010

       is there a minimum size?
Voice, Jun 13 2010

       [Voice] Mostly, I was just nit-picking. However, since the charge density rises as the sphere shrinks, and I assume there's *some* limit to how many unit charges you can pack onto that surface using only a moving belt, I'm sure there must be a minimum size. Van de Graaf demonstrations I've seen -- at least the ones with arcing -- involve spheres fist size and up. On the other hand, if "sparking" includes corona discharge, I think the radius of curvature can get down to needle dimensions. OK, I am now officially out of my depth.
mouseposture, Jun 13 2010

       Take out the robotic chess set and I'd vote for this. Imagine Queen Victoria wielding the royal Graaff from an insulated throne, stray bolts occasionally knocking flat the unlucky duke or earl. It’s a must-have accoutrement for your Teslapunk novel.
ldischler, Jun 14 2010

       I could see this on one of those oversized chess sets (you know, the ones where the pieces are larger than the people playing).   

       Making it robotic would be a good idea...otherwise: "Let's see...bishop to A4...ZAP!"
wolstech, Jun 14 2010


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