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Tree duster

(semi)automatic snowball chucker!
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The problem:
Snow build-up on trees can cause branches to break - not good for the tree. You could try to get it down using sticks, but that only works for the bottom branches, or you could use projectiles - ether they hurt the tree or they require an athlete to get [them] near the top.

The solution:
A (semi-)automatic gas powered slingshot with snow compressors. This machine would consist of a hopper which you shovel snow into, a water sprinkling unit (in case the snow is too cold, dry to pack properly) (possibly a chamber in witch the snow is mixed by a 'beater' and water is added?), a compacter-snowball maker, and a propulsion device - either bow type or latex tubing - you'll want about a dozen lbs. for ~4 feet (~1.3 meters). All of this is mounted on a frame with 2 tires in front and a split-post in back (think upside down "Y").

The latex/bow would be drawn back by either pneumatics or some type of winch. These pull back lines would disconnect before it fired, and would (as well as the now limp latex/bow-strings) have to pulled back to the connection point by weak (rubber?) pullers (always on)

(Latex is more compact, but may have severe durability problems - but a bow should not have durability problems.)

my-nep, Feb 03 2004

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       Or ofcourse, use a compressed air launcher.
my-nep, Aug 02 2004

       A tree that can't take snow has been planted in teh wrong climate.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 02 2004

       What about those machines that shake trees to harvest the nuts, like pecan trees? If it's strong enough to vibrate pecans and pistachios out of trees, then it would surely shake off all the snow. Not speaking from experience, I forgot what snow looks like here on the coast.
destructionism, Aug 02 2004


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