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Very large titanium thumb

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Useful for hitting hammers with, so you can say "See, that's what it feels like! Who's laughing now, eh?" and so on.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2014


       Pure WC would be too brittle; a WC/Cobalt composite would be better. Still very dense, and very hard, but resistant to brittle fracture.
8th of 7, Jun 08 2014

       Ok a titanium thumb* with depleted uranium core. Or for the more adventurous, a non-depleted uranium core.   

       *steam driven
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2014

       If it's titanium it won't tarnish you'll never have a green thumb.   

       Somehow I'm picturing a variant of "thimble" here....
Vernon, Jun 08 2014


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