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Your Friendly Neighborhood Lion

A new approach to coexistence.
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This idea is for the genetic selection of benign and freindly lions to be allowed access to urban and suburban areas. With the addition of the lion, you can add midsize mammals which fill the food chain and ultimately amplify the biodiversity within and around cities. This would provide a strong source of sustainability in city planning.
daseva, Mar 23 2007

beware of what you wish for. http://news.bbc.co..../london/6486327.stm
[po, Mar 24 2007]


       So, let me see if I have this straight. We need lions which hunt and eat midsized mammals, but which are benign and friendly? And which don't eat midsize people?   

       I can see natural selection having some pretty undesirable outcomes in this situation.   

       No good will come of it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2007

       I don't think this will work because in the words of the song: "You can't hide your lion eyes....(The Eagles) "
xenzag, Mar 23 2007

       This would only lead to more lion dancing.
normzone, Mar 23 2007

       or cross eyed lions.
po, Mar 23 2007

       //midsize mammals// Like teenagers?
coprocephalous, Mar 23 2007

       I'm thinking we could control their instincts so that the lion would only want to eat non-people. This would include criminals, of course, and for this reason the lions can work on the police force for fresh antelope.
daseva, Mar 23 2007

       Dyslexic police officer: "Look out! He's got a gnu"
coprocephalous, Mar 23 2007

       Yeah yeah. And he's an atheist too - he denies the existence of dogs.   

       Daseva, I think some basic concepts in animal behaviour may have escaped your attention. [+] for wanting to put spectacular animals into an urban setting with drastic consequences, [-/2] for failing to resolve the details, and [-/2] for failing to weave tapirs into the equation, so [0] overall.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2007

       Domesticating isn't an invention. That said, [+]
hidden truths, Mar 25 2007

       Marvel Comics might sue you for copyright infringement.
croissantz, Mar 25 2007

       It would certainly encourage an upgrade in jogger velocity
JSand, Mar 25 2007

       Tapirs would flesh out the food chain quite nicely.
daseva, Mar 25 2007

       We could ride them and reduce exhaust.   

       sooo... a vegetarian lion that only eats weeds ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2008

       //I'm thinking we could control their instincts// [marked-for-tagline]
pertinax, Sep 09 2008

       <sings>"In the suburbs, the mighty suburbs, the lion sleeps tonight..."</sings>
hippo, Sep 09 2008

       well, I suppose you could reverse-pavlov them from birth: negative physical stimuli associated with the smell of raw people and pet meat... you'd still have to feed them something though, and I'm *not* cleaning up lion-poop off the sidewalk.
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2008

       The scarab beetles might be able to take care of that? Toasted poop... hmm. And, [pert], that's funny to point out. What a stupid thing to say! What was I thinking...
daseva, Sep 10 2008

       //Marvel Comics might sue you for copyright infringement.// [marked-for-tagline]
Voice, Sep 11 2008


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