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The TGWU is the Transport and General Workers Union, although I've heard them mentioned in miriad TV and radio reports, I always thought they were the TGW, because the U at the end gets swallowed up when spoken.

It's actually quite a bind to say "Double-yoo, yoo" so I propose the use of the phrase "Tripple-yoo" as a logical progression.

Google throws up 6,610,000 occurences of "WU" so I'm sure there are instances where this would be useful.

Also, I've a suspicion that the world is a poorer place for it's lack of a "tripple-yoo".

Fishrat, Jul 28 2004

UW http://www.washington.edu/
Not uncommon here. Though it's pronounced "yoo-dub". [Worldgineer, Oct 21 2004]


       Triple-yoo Tang Clan?
absterge, Jul 28 2004

       Is that world as in 'World Wide Web' or world as in "World Series'?
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 28 2004

yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 28 2004

       "Sextuple-yoo" will then logicly replace "double-yoo, double-yoo, double-yoo".   

       Wait! How do you know whether "tripple-yoo" means WU or UW? When I say "sextuple-yoo" I may mean wuuuu or uuuuuu or uwuuu or...
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2004

       //How do you know whether triple-yoo means UW or WU?// #1: "Yoo double-yoo" is easier to hear properly than "Double-yoo yoo", so it doesn't need to be changed. #2: UW is so uncommon that you might never come across it anyways. (EDIT, Maybe I should scratch that, but the first still holds well.)   

       Similarly, you can safely assume that sextuple-yoo is WWW, not WUUUU! ;' )
Albino Fox, Jul 28 2004

       ha ha ha ha, I love the sound of all the annotations above!
Pericles, Jul 28 2004

       "UW is so uncommon that you might never come across it anyways."   

       Google says that UW is actually 2.5 times more common than WU, giving 16,100,000 occurences.
luecke, Jul 28 2004

       Looks like tripple-yoo needs to be an addition rather than a replacement then. One would use tripple-you when the context made it clear which combination of U and W were appropriate.
Fishrat, Jul 28 2004

       UW = underwriting. Next time a salesperson tries to sell you insurance, ask what kind of triple-u there is. While he's hopelessly bewildered, RUN!   

       P.S. shouldn't the letter M be "double-n"?
phundug, Jul 28 2004

       Here in the Seattle area we pronounce UW as "You Dub", therefore still not requiring a "Triple-yoo" pronunciation.
gardnertoo, Jul 28 2004

       //Here in the Seattle...//   

       Well, if the idea was intended to be interpreted locally then here in México we don't have words with the letter "w". Not even one.   

       If we were to judge HB ideas in a local basis this website would be too boring.
Pericles, Jul 29 2004

       //judge...local basis// No, no! You will ALL to adopt the "You-Dub" pronunciation! [Maniacal laughter...]   

       No "W"? How do you get to www.half.......?
gardnertoo, Jul 29 2004

       There used to be a discussion here somewhere about 'treble-u' as a replacement for www. Darned if I can find it, though.
RayfordSteele, Jul 29 2004

       Was it the one I have linked just now [RayfordSteele]?
Lacus Trasumenus, Jul 29 2004

       Tripple-yoo-hoo, now three times as chocolately.   

       (Oh, and since I work, sorta, in the radio buisness I hear some DJs go 'tripple W dot...' instead of 'www')
MrDaliLlama, Jul 30 2004

       Yep, that would be the one.
RayfordSteele, Aug 03 2004

       For web addresses, I've always liked "Dub dub dub dot" as a spoken prefix.
lostdog, Aug 03 2004

       So would this be a triple-vé "en Français?"
WordUp, Aug 04 2004


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