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"Warm Snaps" Coffee Cup Lid

Great Coffee, Better Cookies
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At Starbuck's and places like that, coffee is generally served in a disposable cup with a molded plastic lid.

While recently indulging in one of those cups of coffee, I got a call on the phone and for whatever reason, I put a couple of ginger snap cookies on top of the plastic lid. (Really just so that they wouldn't leave crumbs on my desk)

5 minutes later, these cookies had warmed up from the hot coffee to an almost perfect softness and temperature. They were excellent.

So... I propose a slightly modified lid shape for these coffee cups. It would have some small vent holes and some ridge like depressions that were shaped so that a few cookies could sit on top of the lid (probably standing on edge or close to it).

A ceramic version could be made for ceramic coffee cups.

So, while you're waiting for your coffee to cool enough to drink, you can use some of that rising thermal heat to warm up some cookies.

Chalk one up again for thermodynamics.

zigness, Aug 10 2006

Stroopwaffels http://www.typicald...stroopwaffels.shtml
See paragraph four. [jutta, Aug 10 2006]

Also check out this band http://www.amazingstroopwafels.nl/
The bass is pink and he stands on while playing [zeno, Aug 11 2006]

Dunk Mug http://www.gizmodo....dunk-mug-027839.php
There's a shop near me which sells these - they would probably warm biscuits slightly through radiation from the bottom of the mug and (limited) heat conduction through the ceramic material. [hippo, Aug 11 2006]


       Or make the lids out of cookie instead. Rich Tea alternative available.
calum, Aug 10 2006

       I love this idea, man, it rocks, i mean, its inspired. I already want to try it.
tesseract9, Aug 10 2006

       [Jutta], Excellent link, I think I'll get some of those.
zigness, Aug 10 2006

       Yeah the dutch rule. The stroopwafels are usually made while you wait and eaten warm of the baking plate. Now some of those break and anyways there are allways lots of crumbs. These are sold in a bag: a bag of warm cookie crumbs: a delight.
zeno, Aug 11 2006

       Bit of a cultural disconnect happening here - hence I guess the total silence (bewilderment?) from non-US bakers.   

       'ginger snap cookie' = ginger nut biscuit or some similar type, not something like a brandy snap which are meant to be crisp and not soft.   

       USAians also apparently think it novel to dunk biscuits into their tea or 'corfee' so the sensation of a steamed, warmed, softened 'cookie' is something new to them.   

       <carry on>
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 11 2006

       Stroopwaffels are great. The ones made fresh by street vendors are even better.
Also - see link for the closest thing to this idea I know of.
hippo, Aug 11 2006

       what's new about dunking biscuits (cookies)?
po, Aug 11 2006

       Today's trivia:
For many years, bars in Spain have customarily provided pieces of cheese or smoked meat for drinkers, and it became the custom to use one of these as a lid to keep dust and spiders out of ones sherry. Spanish for 'lid' is 'tapa'.
angel, Aug 11 2006

       You know what I think would be great? If they could make these lids a certain shape so that as the coffee cooled, the lid would 'pop' when it got to a drinkable temperature. No doubt people have thought of this and decided it would be too tricky.
moomintroll, Aug 12 2006

       [moom] your drinkable tempature and mine may not be the same.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 12 2006

       Should you be served chilled?
baconbrain, Aug 12 2006

       //Bit of a cultural disconnect happening here//   

       Indeed. The British halfbakers seem to think this idea is about dunking pastry products into hot beverages. That idea is far from novel in the US. Police officers have been doing this with Doughnuts since the 50s.   

       The idea her is to MAKE A LID for hot beverages. The lid would double as a hot plate, and would be powered by the hot beverage through the processes of convection and condution.   

       Although I would be unable to drink anything as hideous as "corfee" or tea, I'm glad that someone has finally discovered a way to harness the power of all those silly cups of coffee for a good purpose.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 13 2006

       Got my vote.   

       Originally I thought it was a lid or maybe an entire cup made from cookie material that you could eat once the drink was done. That sounds YUMMY. Kinda like eating the ice cream cone.
lingamish, Aug 13 2006


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