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Truck Harpoon

Harpoon trucks and use them to tow you
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An air powered harpoon (or grappling hook) gun, mounted to the front of your car, with 80 of so feet of 2000 Lbs test nylon line, While driving along the interstate, find a tractor trailer travelling at a decent speed, Harpoon it, drop engine into nuetral, enjoy the ride. When you want to get off, the line is electronically relaesed from the harpoon (or the grappling hook is released) and re-coiled

Notes, 1. Watch carefully for truck changing lanes. 2. Never allow other drivers to get between you and cars 3. Carry lots of harpoons

senatorjam, Aug 29 2002

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       Or you could just draft behind the monsters, which does wonders for your fuel mileage (if you're close enough to them) and is far simpler than shooting a harpoon at one. I'm sure someone would shoot the harpoon at a refrigerated truck, then when the truck delivers the food, he wonders why all the food is spoiled. Good idea though.   

       (One note about drafting though, make sure you can see around the truck at least a little bit, so you don't run into him if he stops suddenly (I've seen this sometimes on trips)).
Bert6322, Aug 29 2002

       Beware the legendary white truck ...
Aristotle, Aug 29 2002

       Law enforcement is looking for new tools to stop cars during the chase, it could stop 'em in their tracks.
ty6, Aug 30 2002

       "Call me Ishmael ......"   

       Large electromagnet on a rigid boom would work better - clamp on to the rear chassis, shift into neutral, go to sleep ..... but make sure the truk is going the same place as you are.   

       Sort of a truck Remora, then ?   

       Love the idea, and the visuals. How do you aim ? Head up display, reflector sight ? Croissant anyway.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2002

       The Finnish Police have one of these and use it to stop rogue drivers (see link)
oneoffdave, Aug 30 2002

       Crazy teenagers would get one, attatch it to their car and then once hooked onto a truck could take it in turns to climb out of the sunroof, put on a pair of roller blades and unattatch the harpoon gun. Motorway ski-ing anyone?
kaz, Aug 30 2002

       Should this not be in Car:gadget btw?
kaz, Aug 30 2002

       Save the Trucks!
gniterobot, Aug 31 2002

       whaleing on wheels
skinflaps, Sep 02 2002

       One of the guys here in the office just pointed out that the Finnish Police would have to be very sure they're not chasing kidnappers who have stowed their victim in the traditional part of the car...
SteveAdams, Sep 02 2002

       Great idea! I offer further improvements. First, why not take advantage of SUV's excessive mass as well? They are already being "hunted" in the "Big Game SUV Hunt"- [admin -- link moved to where the links go -bristolz] , why not harpoon them too? They are already everyone's favorite target.   

       Second- the"Carpoon"® might use a big suction cup, minimizing impact effects and simplifying remote release.   

       Third- the Carpoon® could incorporate a winch to draw up to the travel sponser/victim and actually PASS it! Then target another and continue the process. I estimate real world attainable speeds in 75 mph traffic to be 110 mph depending on targeting software and lane availability.   

       Forth- Why limit yourself to aiding car transportation? Heck- you could mount the Carpoon® on all kinds of vehicles. Motorcycles, electric cars, hang gliders, bicycles, shopping carts, and skateboards!   

       Imagine the surprised look on the face of a commuter driving alone in a huge Chevy suburban 4x4 when his truck gets hit with a big speed draining black GLOP! on the rear window and moments later is passed by some kid riding on ROLLERSKATES!
Autonome, Sep 02 2002

DesertFox, Dec 28 2004

       Autonome - you're onto something here. I've never been able to get over 40 mph on my rollerblades. I think I'll go outside now and play in the traffic, like my mother always told me to do...
millionthMonkeyTyping, Dec 29 2004

       Two words: ROAD RAGE. There are a million ideas on here for protecting from/preventing road rage, and now someone posts an idea that, when used, would slow the other driver down (a primary cause of road rage), overwork their engine, and kill their gas mileage!
SoldierJim, Feb 24 2006


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