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Game hardware to amuse kids on long trips
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Mounted on the left hand side (everyone drives on the left here) is a small compressed air gun. This gun fires a flexible rubber cord with a sticky pad, not unlike the stereotypical frogs tongue. There is a toy rubber hand of the same sort of thing.

The stickiness would be the key as it would control what weight and texture that could be picked up.

The gun is aimed and fired using a joystick interface from inside the car. The goal is to capture as much roadside trash as possible on the intercity trip.

The rubber capture cord reels in to a rubbish bag mounted under the gun. The whole hardware is mount via clips around the door in the panel gaps.

Dead carcases are gold, hard to pick up, heavy, disgusting, when it comes to beating rival siblings.

wjt, Nov 05 2009

New Zealand, Bay of Islands, dead fish http://www.flickr.c...ungmers/3098855106/
The left side of the road looks like sand to me [normzone, Nov 05 2009]

The ultimate in points http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_weta
A great big capture. [wjt, Nov 06 2009]

sticky hand http://www.topwellt...tail/8670/8670.html
Grappling mechanism without compressed air [wjt, Nov 06 2009]


DrBob, Nov 05 2009

       "Jim-bob, if'n you snag one more dead critter I'ma pull over and thrash you within an inch a yer life boy. This's the last time I'mna say it. Aluminium cans only or we ain't gonna have enough fer gas to git back home!" (+)   

       //Aluminium// Sp. Ay-loominum, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2009

       Dern tootin.   

       I'll be back...
jaksplat, Nov 06 2009

       Will you be my dad?
wagster, Nov 06 2009

       Mum: What is that wriggling there johnny?   

       Johnny opens up is hands to reveal a Deinacrida parva.   

       Mum: Oh,.... I think we better ring someone.   

       Dad: I knew I shouldn't have driven you through Kahurangi National Park.
wjt, Nov 06 2009


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