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my other car is a Porsche 911

this one is a hybrid of a horse and a car
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it’s a cross between a car and a mechanical horse

the base of the contraption is similar to a regular car but smaller and narrower (think noddy), just big enough for a single passenger - it probably should be a three wheeler but I cannot bring myself to fashion such a beast – and so this prototype has four wheels and all the usual trappings of a petrol driven engine; e.g. the petrol cap is located at the rear end.

the mechanical shenanigans are completely covered in a fine-smelling leather and from a distance, you’d perceive this as a real honest to goodness, gorgeous, big-eyed* horse, especially if you are a bit clinically myopic.

the driver’s saddle is positioned atop and is powered quite separately from the main engine in such a manner that the driver/rider has the full riding experience - a three speed motor for the saddle which mimics the movements of a horse; and so, as you drive to work you could have a gentle amble, a quicker trot just to exercise the stomach muscles/ pelvic floor or a full blown canter for a complete workout.

btw - steering the vehicle with reins may take some practice.

* eyes – headlights

po, Mar 16 2007

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       If it's meant to look like a horse, shouldn't it have just the one shenanigan?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2007

       are you Irish?   

po, Mar 16 2007

       No, but some of my relatives come from elsewhere.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2007

       Where are the airbags and seatbelts? :)
yamahito, Mar 16 2007

       //but I cannot bring myself to fashion such a beast// - But you're happy with a leather car that resembles Dr. Frankenstein's horse?
wagster, Mar 16 2007

       I've been thinking about this, and I have four words for you:   

       Mandatory safety cowboy hats.
yamahito, Mar 16 2007

       I need a large agricultural coffee. "It's them *eyes - headlights" and I don't even surp caffee.
skinflaps, Mar 16 2007

       Wouldn't this have a high center of gravity, which could cause it to roll over easily?
BJS, Mar 17 2007

       Yes, but it wouldn't go very fast so that would be ok. However, it might still roll over to scratch its back on the grass.
wagster, Mar 17 2007

       What the hell is a pelvic floor?
nth, Mar 17 2007

       Edit..- a three speed motor for the saddle which mimics the movements of a horse. Without which it would have limited appeal for the ladies.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 17 2007

       I say put 12 of these contraptions in a Hippodrome, arm the riders with whips and blades, and hear the crowd roar...
theleopard, Mar 17 2007

       Wouldn't you be embarrassed sticking the fuel pump in the horse's 'rear end'?
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 17 2007

       So what does this have to do with a Porsche?
discontinuuity, Mar 17 2007

       Yes, why not "My other car's a Lippizaner?".   

       I saw a 911 once with a tacky sticker on it saying "My other car's a Porsche". Horribly arrogant but it still made me laugh.
wagster, Mar 17 2007

       Where is it that people happily let 14 year olds out on the roads? (where I live, you have to be at least 15.5 to even get a learning permit.)   

       I rode a real horse today...
BJS, Mar 17 2007

       excellent picture [xandram]
po, Mar 19 2007

       A BBC kiddies programme is apparently going to make a robotic horse. Sadly I am lacking in details, except that it's at 4pm on either BBC1, BBC2 or cBBC, on a day with a "y" in it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2007

       +, for the first paragraph.
calum, Mar 19 2007

       //Where is it that people happily let 14 year olds out on the roads?// Mostly on the back of horses.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 19 2007

       The gas tank is in the back you say!? [-1/3] Although, a horse is a horse of course of course. [+2/3] hmmm...[+]
quantum_flux, Mar 19 2007

       Maybe you could call it a Horsche 9/11
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2007

       You could call it the Mustang! No, wait...   

       Bronco! No?   

       Could it retain its exhaust for extended periods and expel it all in one convenient stinky plop?   

       Maybe you could license manufacture rights to Pinzgauer.
elhigh, Mar 20 2007

       // .. one convenient stinky plop .. //   

       Stinken Bahn. Get a car.
reensure, Mar 20 2007


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