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modification to make car boot become a clamp
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I recently watched a taxi driver struggle to close his boot lid down on the bicycle belonging to the passenger he had just picked up. The boot lid would not stay shut.

Bungee cords might have helped, but these are a crap solution, as there is little to which to attach them on a modern vehicle. They are also nasty, as they can spring back and do all kinds of damage.

My immediate thought was why does the boot lid not lock into any position on the press of a switch? If our frustrated taxi driver had fitted the Car-locko-dile, all he would have needed to do was place the bike, or any other bulky object, in the boot; close the lid down until it came in contact, then press the switch, turning it into a clamp, securely locked in position.

xenzag, Jun 11 2006


       boot lid = trunk in 'merican?
Zimmy, Jun 11 2006

       yep - it does. Just as hood = bonnet in Engleterrish
xenzag, Jun 11 2006

       Having just given up my truck of 18 years, and gone to a little four door runabout, I love this idea.
normzone, Jun 12 2006

       A bicycle fit in the trunk? I can barely fit one into an s.u.v. with the seats folded down.
BJS, Jun 12 2006

       It could rachet down like a zip tie. Heres a bun in your boot.
James Newton, Jun 12 2006


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