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Trump Ball

A pointless game
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What is needed is a game in which, at the center of the court stands a larger than life statue of Hilary Clinton as Dr Frank N Furter. From this center point out to infinity, players kick a dead pigskin treated to resemble Donald Trumps head. There are no goals and no time limits, people just kick Donald trumps head around infinity, forever, however much they feel like it.

The trump ball always loses because any time you feel angry and want to kick something you just kick the Donald trump ball and everyone laughs and everyone wins, except the trump ball because everyone is kicking it to win.

Thus is now a science fiction novel in which all of the matter in the universe that is heavy is amalgamated in the center of the universe in a giant city/ planet/ temple to Hilary Clinton, except helium because who needs helium, but all the helium goes into making the spaceship Donald trump ball the job of which it is to travel around deep interstellar space collecting heavy elements for and corralling stray helium molecules for its own trumpball ecology.

Heavy element arrangements that constitute intelligences will corruscate around the periphery if this helium sea, surfing on its waves and kicking the arrangement of helium atoms that constitute the Donald trump ball spaceship.

You always have to have a coke and a Pepsi.

JesusHChrist, Oct 23 2016

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