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Tsunami Urinal

Tidal Flushing....
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Imagine if you will a floor to ceiling rippled blue/green glass wall. At the bottom a cleverly designed curve. When the urinal flushes, a cascade of water frothes down the wall, just as the water reaches the curved bottom a valve shuts off the supply. The water rushes around the curve, creating a Tsunami effect back up the wall. Just as the wave is about to plunge into the curve again another valve opens to drain the water away. Shortly after a standard "disinfectant" somewhat less enthusiastic water fall runs down the wall, with the drain valve open to clean and leave the rippled glass sparkling again, ready for the next Tsunami....
Micky Dread, Dec 09 2002

Tidy Bowl Man Found http://www.getodd.com/news/120101.html
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       Hey there goes another cigarette butt boat..
skinflaps, Dec 09 2002

       Do you think there is a way you could implement other weather patterns into the equation, except drought, cause that would be a bit stinky... a nice snow pattern down the urinal would be nice..
Supercruiser, Dec 09 2002

       Wouldent this be a dreadful wast of water?
Chaos_5, Dec 09 2002

       I'd like a whirlpool that would try to suck me in.
FarmerJohn, Dec 09 2002

       [Wee Mad Arthur] What? You read this idea in your sleep?
hippo, Dec 09 2002

       [Unabubba] It's partly your fault I'm still here.
FarmerJohn, Dec 09 2002

       4nick... Only when you have written your name in a golden hue on the snow can you appreciate the feeling of *fun* us boys have sometimes when taking a leak.   

       "Look at me Maw, I can write all joined up!"
Jinbish, Dec 09 2002


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