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Urinal Flow Meter

Measure the volume of your releif
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How often have you been out on the town, visited the bathroom, and had that drunken thought, "Hey - this is a really big one, wonder how much pee is here?"

The urinal flow meter is a small device fitted before the 'U' bend that measures flow and calculates the volume of urine you just passed.

Image the bragging rights one may get by holding it in until a monsterous amount is available.

There are probably medical benefits too, like knowing how good your bladder control is and the like.

I'm sure that some sort of flow/time graph of the whole event could be generated on a little screen above the urinal (some places I've been actually have these showing movie trailers and stuff anyhow) and a kindof power output generated.

Perhaps you could incorporate other sensors, like an alcohol level test? Let's you know how well you're processing your beer, or perhaps how drunk you are?

raintonr, Feb 03 2005


       [+] "It ain't the length, it's the piss strength." The highest rating could correspond to a horse icon. They pee like turnin' on a faucet (no link).
Mustardface, Feb 04 2005

       I check in here on occasion, and ideas like this are the reason why. And the most disgusting part, is that someone actually gave it a +, and justified their vote.   

blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       I know.. tsk.. it wouldn't be quite so bad if there was (a) a point to knowing the volume (b) this hadn't been done over and over again before.
neilp, Feb 04 2005

       Are you saying you actually pee more than once a day? Or that the volume is stronger on Tuesdays, than say, Fridays?   

       Oh, this world we live in...
blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       Depends on your diet, doesn't it?
tiromancer, Feb 04 2005

       [+] Filthy habit, urination... and all those disgusting people who do it (no link).
jaksplat, Feb 04 2005

       pee is not filthy, nor a habit. It is what our bodies do. It is funny, right about the time we reach 6 years old.
blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       First off, I find this one of the most original and entertaining ideas I've seen here in a while. I don't care what blissmiss and neilp say. Second, I'm sure everyone considers this just a joke. But I think there are places where this would actually have a business application. Ie. Which bar do you want to go to tonight Joe? How about that one with the piss meter!
Thread7, Feb 04 2005

       This would be a good if it kept a log over time. Suppose you became dehydrated because of a heatwave, vomiting, diarhea, or inadequate thirst. Your meter would tell you that urinary output for the last day was lower than your usual output, and that you should drink more water.   

       Or am I missing the point? Is it just a pissing contest?
robinism, Feb 04 2005

       rob-What you describe is used by most hospital systems in the world. It's called, "input and output". Almost all patients have one in their chart. Thats' why when they check your tray after you eat, they peek into the ice cream cup, to see how much of it you ate. And how many glasses of H20, ect. ( Ice cream is counted as a liquid, and I believe the average cup is 130cc's, not sure.)   

       Then, if they really care, they place a plastic half-moon shaped pan on the potty, and measure your output. If they wanna measure the other output, they either use two, set back to back, or just flip the one to the back, backwards. Get it?   

       Unless you be a real fool, you could easily adjut this same system for your home. All ya need is a piece of paper, and a pen. (That is if you are that concerned about becomng dehydrated. )
blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       And I'm trying not to ;-)
blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       // I find this one of the most original and entertaining ideas I've seen here in a while. //   

       Well you're easy to please. Go read the urinal targets idea - you'll probably explode with delight on that one.
waugsqueke, Feb 05 2005


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