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Toilet Stains?

Would you like to prevent embarrasing splashes?
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If you'd like to avoid those embarrasing splashing whilst 'doing a little buisness', especially whilst wearing light coloured trousers, you could use the 'willy bib'. Designed like a childs food bib, but with a hole to place the necessary equipment thru. Simply do the buisness and the bib absorbs all the inevitable splashes. Contained within the dispenser roll at all good, high-class venues.
Nigel Williams, Nov 28 2000


       I thought something like that was already in use in public places. It's made out of a paper-like material, a little bit stiffer and thicker than tolietpaper.
barnzenen, Nov 28 2000

       Make them in the shape of elephants heads, then you could hold the bib in place by gripping the ears whilst the man trunk goes about its business.
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       i thought one had to actually hold the "man-trunk" whilst doing business???
k_sra, Oct 15 2007

       Step one: Spay disinfectant on surface of contact between your backside and the repository.
Step two: wrap yards (metres) of supplied bathroom tissue around your hand (left or right)
Step three: loosen bathroom tissue from your hand and allow to fall into bowl, completely covering the surface water.
Step four: Drop your coil in the dunny.

       Adv: All equipment readily supplied. DisAdv: No macho :" Arrr fuck, that splashed the rafters! Give me 'nuther pair dung'rees"
4whom, Oct 15 2007

       yes, always spay your disinfectant. this helps control the disinfectant population.
k_sra, Oct 15 2007

       Now there is some-one who knows their arse from their elbow!
4whom, Oct 15 2007


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