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The Kneeler

Accuracy, Comfort, Style
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The Kneeler is a short, padded stool with a half-circle cut out of one side to make it fit neatly against the toilet. The idea came to me when I found myself once again complaining to my 6'5" roommate that he splashes too much when he pees. As I unsuccessfully tried to convince him that he should sit down to urinate, I realized that the solution was simply to make him shorter without putting him in that "demeaning" seated position.

In addition to making tall men shorter and less splash-prone, the Kneeler can:

- make for more comfortable vomiting after a hard night (or morning) of drinking

- give the lazy, drunk or extremely tired man a way to rest while urinating

- position men for more accurate urination when depth perception is poor, or when they've had too much to drink

The Kneeler would be height-adjustable, of course. Plus, if you're concerned about splashing or dripping on the Kneeler, tear-away paper sheets could be designed (similar to the toilet seat cover) to enhance cleanliness and ease of use.

miss fern, Jul 06 2002

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       If you use bleach on your toilet the surface will become rough, this is causing the splattering. sorry to say: replacement is the best solution. The idea is good since toilets are virtually unchanged for the past 1000 year.
postseti, Jul 06 2002

       why cannot the height of the loo be adjustable? some crank handle on the side should do it.   

       "you've left the toilet *up* again - you know how much that annoys me"
po, Jul 06 2002

       Despite being 6'5" and something of a urinary crack shot, I can see that there may be a need for this especially in households were alcohol is a central part of domestic life. That said, kneeling might be just as demeaning as sitting. Perhaps you need a 'throne' on a thick plinth with steps up for the height-impaired.   

       Welcome to the halfbakery, enjoy your stay.
calum, Jul 06 2002

       the Throne is a great idea...hmmm...problem is, i'm trying to make my life simpler, and the throne could be difficult to navigate when sleepy or intoxicated. it is very regal, though...and there could be a scepter and crown to go along with it!!
miss fern, Jul 06 2002

       All sizes can use it if few steps get added to the throne, and it can flush when you get of it.
postseti, Jul 06 2002

       You mean menfolk around your place don't use the sink?
thumbwax, Jul 06 2002

       no, but actually one of my cats does. he only pees in there, thank god. i caught him the first time a couple of years ago - looking very guilty, i must say. just too lazy to walk downstairs, i guess. can't blame him...
miss fern, Jul 07 2002

       The Kneeler is a good idea. It could also be applied out of the bathroom in the garden, or when hooking up cords to electronics and the power plug is low on the wall, or whenever ya don't wanna get down all the way.   

       Has anyone ever heard of a urinal that people could snap onto their existing toilet (or sink, however the user prefers...), and then remove when situations require... clean it off in the bathtub, flush with sink water? (Men and their fixations.)   

       edit: since I can't find this idea with a cursory look around, I'm posting it. Heh heh.
polartomato, Jul 07 2002

       Croissant! I can see this working well for the drunk.   

       You know, I had a friend who taught her cat to use the toilet. It worked for years... until one night grandma went to use the toilet in the dark and the cat was already there... and got knocked into the toilet. After that the cat went back to the litter box.
Aurora, Jul 10 2002

       tut, grannies - no patience. she should have used the litter tray.
po, Jul 10 2002

       "...and Supplication Boy!"
hippo, Jul 10 2002

       Am I the only person who thought this had something to do with oral sex?
Eugene, Aug 11 2003

       Yes. You are.
bristolz, Aug 11 2003


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