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Never lose the cap again
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Tube of toothpaste that for all general, cosmetic purposes resembles the average tube. However, the cap is not removable. I find flip tops offensive, and I love to roll a tube. It's a Yoga thing. I always lose the caps, though. Or, it never fails that company arrives, notices my unruly stream of toothpaste leaking from an carelessly uncapped tube, scoffs at my bathroom habits, and heads for the door. Even before they have finished their herbal tea and yeast fried firm tofu. The 'Tubed' brand would always appear to be capped. Give a gentle squeeze from the bottom and the toothpaste squirts out through small holes in the top of the fake cap. Quick rinse (of mouth and faux cap), slip your snuggies on, three lights off, quick headstand, and into the futon abyss. No spiders crawling into your uncapped toothpaste. No more scoffs.
fisher, Feb 14 2003

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       what offends you about a flip-top? it's the perfect solution to your problem. Get with the program!
sambwiches, Feb 14 2003

       It's the same thing as not wanting to bait your own hook.....too much work.
fisher, Feb 14 2003

       bah. i'm not buying it.
sambwiches, Feb 14 2003

       but i do agree that removable caps are simply pointless.
sambwiches, Feb 14 2003

       Wait just a minute here! I see a bigger problem than just offending some guests with your messy housekeeping. Spiders crawl into uncapped toothpaste tubes? Has the National Midnight Evening Inquiring Star Press Post heard about this? Can something be done, like a big shoe attachment for the toothpaste tube that senses the skittering movements of the spider and stomps it before it can enter the tube? Ooh, there, I feel much better now.   

       I am seeing a wall-mountable dispenser for toothpaste. You open the front face and drop in the tube, cap removed and discarded forever, with the opening at the bottom. At the top is a roller on a spring return (it always goes back to the top whenever you open the door) with a pulley system. At the bottom end is a lever you push on the dispense the toothpaste. The lever is basically a cylinder attached to a ratchet system that pulls down the roller little by little (using a belt or string) as you pump the lever, dispensing a blob of toothpaste with each push. There would have to be a small window to see when the roller was getting near the bottom so you know when to buy more toothpaste. Good idea? Not mine - see links.
Canuck, Feb 19 2003


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