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Turf table football

foosball (or whatever you call it) on real grass
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Surely, table football afficionados have been missing out on a trick from their lawn tennis colleagues. How charming it would be to play table football on the playing surface that was surely the original intended one, real grass. Hand held mowers keep the playing surface at its peak.
neilp, Jun 30 2005


       I'm wondering if anyone has ever suggested table tennis or ping-pong on a moss-covered table. Nothing shows up in a cursory search for Lawn Table Tennis or Wimbledon Ping Pong. You may be on to something [neilp].
jurist, Jun 30 2005

       for the full affect, surely we could pull out the footballers-on-a-pole and insert the cheerleader set. Then, the crowd can be entertained at half time too?   

       [slinks away thinking that I should have written that up as an idea in itself]
jonthegeologist, Jun 30 2005

       lovely. buggar grass stains!
po, Jun 30 2005

       The other day I was thinking a miniature golf course made with real turf would be interesting - sort of an upscale thing. Surely someone's already done that one.
waugsqueke, Jun 30 2005

       You could also have little tiny toilet rolls to throw onto the pitch. Marvelous!
benindubai, Jul 02 2005

       And tiny little hooligans, tearing up your stadium.
Trickytracks, Jul 03 2005

       [JTG] The cheerleader sets should be insertable perpendicular to the field players at the sidelines. That way they can provide color between the plays and occasional strategic distraction to the opposing side in crucial moments of heated rivalry.
jurist, Jul 03 2005


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