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Zombie Foosball

play foosball with zombies
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Zombies are having a revival, and are now available as characters in the game of foosball.

Some are complete figures and can kick the ball perfectly well, but others have bits missing, like a leg, or an arm, with gory stumps waving uselessly in the air as they are spun around trying to hit the "ball". I say ball, but it is of course a small, replica, human head that bounces around awkardly, due to its lack of symmetry.

Hitting the ball too hard reveals the final variation. Arms or legs of the players sometimes come off, and when the game is over, they must be collected from the game's floor, and put back together to resume play.

xenzag, Nov 19 2009


       Absolutely brilliant +++
DrWorm, Nov 19 2009

       I concur. Brains...
normzone, Nov 19 2009

       what it said.
po, Nov 19 2009

       Nope I don't like it. Too many bits to go missing. The bartender would have to keep a bag of spare parts behind the bar. It would make it harder to bet on the game. More luck, less skill.
popbottle, May 22 2013


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