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Verified in America

American quality near Chinese prices
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(You queen worshipers and cheese eaters can substitute "Verified in Germany" if you're unable to admit to the superior quality of American products)

Some people refuse to buy products made in China. Others prefer not to. Sometimes it's on ethical grounds, but sometimes it's because Chinese goods are perceived to be of lower quality. Why can't we have both quality and lower prices? Because even high quality merchandise made in China is tainted by the 90% of Chinese-made goods that will break if you look at them with ill intent.

This company would purchase Chinese goods at the lower prices associated with Chinese products. It would then perform intense quality checking on them before selling them on as "America Verified" All aspects of expected long life and proper performance would be verified, adding less to the cost than actually making it in America would.

Of course products that consistently fail quality checks would have to be rejected as too expensive to verify, so if this practice were widely adapted it would lead to higher quality products being made in the first place.

Edit: The idea is NOT to pretend the products were made in America. I never said anything like that.
Voice, May 10 2021


       haha - "verified in America" has as much value as "verified in Bingo-Bongo land". Every fake product that was every produced has "100% authentic" stamped on it.
xenzag, May 10 2021

       I think you mean Verified:USA   

       Also, lots of things are made in the US, when they also get a verified:USA code (I'm imaging something like a QR code, covering many aspects of quality) that QR code can be compared to the QR codes of competing products so the person getting the product/component gets the best fit and value.   

       I'm reminded of ISO (International Standards Organization) certifications.
beanangel, May 10 2021

       You are aware the reason for covid-19 explosion in Italy was Chinese workers making made in Italy items?
theircompetitor, May 10 2021

       //Every fake product that was every produced has "100% authentic" stamped on it.//   

       If the idea were to make fake products or misrepresent the country of origin your objection would make sense.
Voice, May 10 2021

       For Sale! 100% Genuine! Special made " "Verified in Ammerica" stickers for all your product! Whatever number required for you. Best price online only ¥100 for 100,000. Shipped direct from our warehouse in Shanghai. Best quality Only for You!
pocmloc, May 10 2021

       I never understood Armanii suits and Rolix watches. No one with the sense to breathe would think it actually came from Armani or Rolex companies, so what's the big deal about selling them and why make them in the first place?
Voice, May 10 2021

       As an inventor who's created sold products made in China and Vietnam, I'd like to stamp my next product with "99% Authentic" to keep people guessing. Actually: "99% Authentic!"   

       Questions would be "Authentic what?" and "What the hell does this mean?".   

       And no, I don't use China any more for ethical reasons. Was conflicted about Vietnam too but was just helping working class folks I figured. Anyway trying to the manufacture of these things brought home eventually.
doctorremulac3, May 10 2021

       // I never understood Armanii suits and Rolix watches. No one with the sense to breathe would think it actually came from Armani or Rolex companies, so what's the big deal about selling them and why make them in the first place?//   

       So, I saunter in to the local music shop, looking for a utility mixer model that I'd owned before and was quite impressed with - spot one on the display rack, and also spot the price which was a couple of hundred less than I figured it'd be.   

       So, I go up to the salesdesk and ask the 'droid if they've any new-in-box. Guy looks puzzled, and says "That's the price, new". Oh no, I guess they've moved manufacture to China. I sigh heavily - nobody needs unexpected moral decisions - borrow a pair of headphones and head back to check it out.   

       A couple of minutes later I'm back at the desk - a bit pissed at all the walking - and ask the guy if they have any that aren't, ya know, broken.   

       Again, salesguy looks puzzled, and accompanies me back to the rack. He plugs in the 'phones, twiddles a few knobs, and says "That's what they sound like".   

       At which point I notice that the logo is not the familiar Mackie "Running Man".
FlyingToaster, May 10 2021

       In the bathroom here, there is shampoo made from "99% natural ingredients".
pocmloc, May 10 2021

       And you know this because YouTube recommended you a video which made this claim?   

       <edit> It's a bit rude not to mark *your* retrospective edit as an edit, [bigsleep]. But I will concede, Reuters is probably a credible source, so thank you for the link. </edit>
pertinax, May 11 2021

       + well I wish someone would check over these items that come from China! I had a toaster oven made in China that had the on and off in the same position!
xandram, May 11 2021

       I keep reading title as "Winifred In America". Come home Winifred!
xenzag, May 11 2021

       I've had mixed results with made in China products. I think generally the manufacturers mean well but sometimes decide to cut corners when the choice is cutting corners or being uncompetitive and unprofitable.   

       I'll bun this and suggest verifying the voting machines first.
sninctown, May 11 2021

       //made in China//
I've found that the Chinese have no problem copying the dimensions of whatever they are reverse engineering, but they skimp on materials.
Case in point: Chinese-supplied pulse valves that we use are physically identical to their European equivalent, but the seals wear out faster, the solenoid/wiring unit isn't weather proof, the metal is lower quality...
neutrinos_shadow, May 11 2021

       Questioning authority is bad, m'kay?   

       If you don't believe me just ask me.   

       I don't know who either one of you guys are but your drama needs its own room.   

       //If you don't believe me just ask me.//   

       Wittgenstein did a variation on that joke, but tragically failed to realise it was funny.   

       Why mention Wittgenstein? Because the interesting part of the whole covid-19 controversy is the question of epistemology - what is a valid way to arrive at truth? It would be nice to be able to say, "just follow the science", but scientific consensus has been wrong before, especially when there have been political consequences at stake. In the case of covid-19, I'm inclined to think that the consensus is right (sorry, [bigs]), but the question "How can we be sure of that?" is an important one.
pertinax, May 12 2021

       I think so too.   

       I only have my gut feelings to go on though.
It's what I know. I didn't have your education. I didn't have a normal life.
I had to 'feel' my way through things. s'truth

       When you have enough money to buy a scientist and out media-frenzy your competition... you can just propaganda 'fact'.   


       If you people in charge of things could just get your crap together my bowel movements would become much more regular and we could all go about our days in relative piece.   


       But just knowing that a product is of higher quality would raise its demand, and hence, the price, if the supply is limited...
Mindey, May 25 2021


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