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Two-D Man

Not just a perjorative any more...
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As we know from speculative works like Flatland, the idea of a 2-dimensional universe and creatures that live in it is not totally far-fetched... What if such a universe existed, and there were intelligent creatures, and somehow one of them travelled through a portal into our universe...

2D Man would look like a sheet of paper (let's say more or less human-shaped) with various internal organs printed on it, when viewed from the side. When viewed from the front he would be invisibly thin. Let's postulate that because of his other-dimensional origin he can't be torn or injured by physical means (otherwise the first fly that ran into him would poke a nice hole...) Also he could instantly slice through any 3-D object.

Let's see, he has to have some character-building weaknesses... He's homesick for the stability and normalcy of his old 2D universe, he can only see in a line that falls in the plane of his thin direction (his eyes would be built that way), and he has a debilitating fear of Tuvan throat-singing...

wayne606, Mar 09 2004

moved to link http://www.amazon.c...12?v=glance&s=music
[engineer1, Oct 04 2004]

A link to above, with sound clips http://www.towerrec...t.aspx?pfid=1370942
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

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       //and he has a debilitating fear of Tuvan throat-singing...//   

       Don't we all...
Detly, Mar 09 2004

       Hey, check out Varttina [admin - link removed from text. Please use the 'link' button] They are a Finnish folk-rock band who on this album recorded some songs together with a Tuvan throat singer (I forget his name, but he's recorded a lot of music). A very wierd yet effective combination.
wayne606, Mar 11 2004

       Ta to admin.
Detly, Mar 11 2004

       1. 2D Man would not be invisibly thin from the front.   

       2. Baked by your own admission.   

       (Good book, though)
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 17 2005

       //2D Man would not be invisibly thin from the front. // please explain this to me in uni-syllabubbles... there's a dear   

       hi ya yabba.
po, Aug 17 2005


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