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Two Simons/Tetrises

An exercise promoting phone game where you walk or run to a second phone to complete a simon move or guide a tetris piece.
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Think of one person with two phones, who likes exercise.

Or two people, who like running around giggling.

One starts a tetris game, yet has to run to the other phone, a few meters away to guide the piece. back and forth back and forth. This could also go with the 20th century computaer game simon. As far as I know this is the first two person exercise phone game.

Technologically I am not sure true bidirectional bluetooth exists. What could work is a phone that can serve as a wifi hotspot to the other phone, then just do it with javascript, or even a browser! It is possible that wifi signal strength comparison could verify that the phones were 20 or 30 meters apart to promote voluntary running back and forth. GPS does not seem that good.

beanangel, May 10 2017


       Wow! Paragraphs! Punctuation! And it's a reasonably good idea, too!
This is far more readable than your usual posts, [beanangel]. Good stuff.
neutrinos_shadow, May 10 2017

       WPed for Simon Game having no idea what that was, and found out that I actually had played it!
pashute, May 12 2017


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