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webcam integration in team communication in videogames

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lots of computers have webcam, even consoles as well (especially with kinects in xbox 360, and the webcam for ps3)

For many games, why not embed the video feeds into the HUD interfaces of games. For example grainy video transmission in mecha game's HUD.

This would really help provide some measure of immersion, and give the programmers flexibility to integrate it into the game via video filters.

mofosyne, Dec 18 2011


       "Mike check!"
normzone, Dec 18 2011

       Games I wished integrated webcam would be in. Steel Batallion, MechWarror, and all mecha games.
mofosyne, Dec 24 2011

       mmm so you get to find out that Princess Hubba Hubba is actually a 50 yr old male in ripped boxer shorts ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2011


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