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video game rewards

point based video game rewards
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The Coke Rewards program seem to be a huge success because people buy allot of soda and with the possibility of earning rewards by entering codes seems to be a even greater factor in buying Coke products.

My idea is similar to this program, but the only differences is that it would allow other businesses to participate. Businesses would offer scratch off cards (either to customers or employees) with 12 or 15 digit codes on them. The customer or employee would type in the code on the video game reward website and earn points (Probably 3 points for each code enter.) The website would offer video games and accessories for the major video game consoles (Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox 360, etc)

I think the reward program would be successful because video game and non video game companies could participate in offering reward points, ans since there are so many gamers out there getting a video game reward would make since.

xguy1978, Oct 07 2007

Magic Kinder http://www.magic-kinder.com
Similar think by Kinder [marklar, Oct 07 2007]


       Kinder surprise do something similar but the rewards are online games. [linky]
marklar, Oct 07 2007

       Sound idea. [But sp: sense]   

       Itunes kind off does this with music (e.g., partner with Starbucks to give out free downloads of songs artists want to promote).   

       Yeah, there's a huge market for custom online games. Home games are harder to forward to your pals, and these wouldn't be branded - but these also might be better, making those rewards more valuable.   

       With games that are already widely played and attractive, you could offer game add-ons, e.g. unlock special weapons.
jutta, Oct 07 2007


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