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"Pull Only" door

Door that can be opened by pulling on either side, but not pushing
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This idea is to allow people to pass through a doorway from either side (with, of course, an opaque door in between) with minimum likelyhood of people from either side both opening the door at the same time and colliding.

The door' frame and hinges allow it to swing either inwards or outwards.

The latch of the door, however, is designed so that the door can only open towards the side on which the knob has been turned. Only if both knobs are being turned at the same time can the door be pushed open.

After the door is installed, and people get used to it opening by pulling, regardless of which side of it they are on, they will cease to attempt to open it by pushing.

On those occasions when people from both sides of the doorway want to pass through at the same time, both will pull on their respective doorknobs, and both people will realize that someone else is passing through; hopefully, one person will let go of the knob to allow the other to pull open the door.

goldbb, May 26 2010

The automatic version Evil_20door
[ldischler, May 27 2010]

http://www.youtube....watch?v=HGelPlqvFHY [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 27 2010]

Gary Larson: The Far Side http://www.spreebli...oolforthegifted.jpg
[rcarty, May 27 2010]


       Surely there must be some kind of override so one can push to exit in an emergency situation.
LoriZ, May 27 2010

       Methinks a push only door would be better, mainly because one could do it with their hands full and would work better when running out of a fire etc. It's also arguably more intuitive.
ShawnBob, May 27 2010

       Defeats the purpose though. You could still accidentally knock someone into next week. (+)   

       oh, and [link] hehe   

       Lots of knob pulling in this idea.
xenzag, May 27 2010

       What LoriZ said. While these may be permitted in France and other developing countries, fire codes would prohibit them in the developed world.
swimswim, May 27 2010

       Not necessarily, ceratinly not for most internal doors.
8th of 7, May 27 2010

       I feel like having a window prevents most of these issues because you can see if someone is trying to shoulder charge the door moments before you open it. If for some reason you must have a closed door that sees regular traffic from both directions you could add some other type of visual cue that doesn't let people peep in. like a latch that that depresses at a certain rate or a floor mat that makes noise.   

       I think most people are in agreement that push doors are far more convenient. I would rather see a system where you can always continually push instead of the rare occasions when a door opens right as you get there.
metarinka, May 28 2010

       xenzag, if you don't like knobs, then levers or latches would also work -- in fact, levers are better than knobs in general, since they allow people with a poor grip (due to wearing gloves, or due to arthritis) to open doors more easily.   

       swimswim, would a door that partitions two areas of a building, where each area has it's own fire exit, be required to be pushopenable?   

       metarinka, /having a window/ ... /always continually push/, gee, it sounds as if you prefer revolving glass doors :)   

       bigsleep, the problem with sliding doors is the need to have enough wall to contain the open door panel(s). The door at my workplace that most often almost-hits people is right next to an elevator. I suppose one could have a single panel door which slides into a pocket on the side away from the elevator, but that's not nearly as cool.
goldbb, Jun 02 2010


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