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U2Pedia, or: wp2tube

sorta wiki like video pedia on youtube
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Website allows users to quickly turn textual parts of the wikipedia along with videos and create screenplays for informative videos explaining topics quickly but precisely in an encyclopedic manner, and following the current version on the topic.

When something changes, the people in the community point to the area that needs correction, and u2pedian volunteers enter that section in a corrected manner.

pashute, Jul 30 2016


       Text is much easier to edit. I think would have to be a rating system to try and pin down how factual the video really is. Since a picture is 1000 words, it would be very hard to get crowd sourced video 100% factual.
wjt, Jul 30 2016

       [pashute]Do you mean videos of people reading Wikipedia out loud? Otherwise, [bigs], if you refer to carrying out instructions on a computer, or interacting with real-world objects we won't be there for at least 30 years, because the AI would need human level intelligence to turn most Wikipedia articles into demonstrations, except where limited-domain-specific situations are already practically worked out, such as how to follow a recipe. We can't even make a program that will turn generalized plain English into basic action yet. "pick up that box" (while pointing) yes. "load truck 33", no. Even if that action is as simple as repeatedly picking up, moving, and setting down boxes from a written list, modern robotics can't reliably do it without lots of little robot cues everywhere.

And the day a PC can turn FAQ's and the data written into a program into an impromptu tutorial will be the day of Linux on the desktop. It will also be the day you can tell your computer "fix my sound card" and expect it to be done.
Voice, Jul 30 2016


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