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upload partial or low-res

instead of uploading the whole thing, choose when to start and stop, or to upload a low res version
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Including a preview, and a choice of start and stop. This of course is a browser plugin.

Then once done on WeVideo or equivalent, you open the file, but it uploads only the relevant sections in full quality.

pashute, Nov 11 2014


       You mean like they do in Google Street View? (except more controllable)
scad mientist, Nov 11 2014

       This almost already exists. It is my understanding that the "jpeg" image format starts with a low-res image, and all the extra data added to the image file is associated with enhancing the resolution of image. So, all we would need is the ability to stop transmitting the file at any point after the initial low-res image has been sent, such that the recipient can properly close the truncated/received file, and still use it.
Vernon, Nov 11 2014

       The ad that comes before the vid you want to watch is sometimes so high res the system freezes a bit. It would be good to drop both a bit particularly when browsing.
popbottle, Nov 11 2014


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