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URP scanner

unidentified road pizza identifier
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This attachment goes on the front of the vehicle, and scans for RFID microchips in unfortunate pets.

Whenever one is located, the time and date is stored, along with GPS location data. After accessing the appropriate database for information about the animal, an email can be sent to the pet's owner letting them know of their pet's final resting place, and a post-office address where they can mail the reward money.

Make it profitable to just drive around!

lurch, Apr 25 2013


       Passive RFID chips don't scan at even reasonable velocities of transponders. Which may require you to stop and reverse over said victim...
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       As a fuel saver, just get a load of RFID chips, download the details and insert chip into nearest unidentifiable animal casualty.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 26 2013


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