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Shared/synced audio MP3 player
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Use Bluetooth to share audio, or sychronize two or more MP3 players with identical libraries.

In the case of shared audio, one MP3 player acts as a transmitter for any number of receiving MP3 players. This eliminates the hassle of ganged earphones, but is only effective while the receivers are in range of the transmitter.

In the case of sychronization, the MP3 players would (ostensibly) have to have common music libraries and song selection would be carried out by the transmitter. This has the advantage of not only eliminating ganged earphones, but allows a receiver to (at least temporarily) move out of range of the transmitter but still by in sync with the transmitter.

phoenix, May 18 2010


       Why require identical repertoires? How about something akin to 'font substitution' in web browsers? Perhaps renditions and remakes, or songs in the same key and/or tempo.
LoriZ, May 18 2010

       I don't suppose they have to be exactly identical, it just seemed easier that way.
phoenix, May 19 2010

       Annoyingly, the iPod only synchronises with a single copy of iTunes at a time...
Jinbish, May 19 2010


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