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USB Traffic Signals

...to eliminate all those quirky afterthought poles, wires and cameras
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Since traffic cameras are not going to go away any time soon *sigh*...

A traffic signal with the standard 3 sockets for lights plus a 4th socket (in the yellow housing [Link1]) with a USB port so that a camera [Link2] or a line sensor etc. could just be plugged into the standard socket.

This would eliminate all those eyesores of afterthougt camera poles. Besides just being prettier, the repairman would just have to plug in the camera instead of running wires and poles all through the intersection. It may be a lot cheaper too because of that reason...standardised plugin webcams/line sensors/flash bulbs (whatever electronic big brotherish gadgets).

ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

"Yellow Traffic Light" http://cache1.asset...A4C46F30D20F233F923
[ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010]

Camera http://www.google.c...=7&ved=0CDoQ8gIwBg#
[ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010]


       Are you sure they aren't rigged like this now?
phoenix, Apr 12 2010

       [phoenix] Actually I'm not! I'm just going on what I've observed. I did a cursory google search and found nothing...Are they like this in other places? I've been across the Western US, and a handful of other countries...never seen anything like it. Here when they need to add a camera to an intersection they wire up some extra poles sprouting out of poles (sprouting out of poles)...like some horrible metal tree.
ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

       And the traffic camera activist would simply have to unplug them to disable them ...
Aristotle, Apr 12 2010

       Doh! Perhaps it's my fault for not wording correctly the notion [will fix]. It was more like just mounting them in the yellow part that actually holds the lights. So the actual yellow traffic light would have 3 sockets for bulbs and a fourth one over the top or underneath with a similar socket for electronics except with a proper connection--instead of a light socket....nothing actually clamped or wired externally to the pole. The actual USB connection would be completely enclosed behind the camera.
ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

       Thanks Ian:   

       See Links...sorry...they are all painted yellow where I live, but probably more common is black.
ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

       I would prefer to see this problem solved by UAV rather than USB.
swimswim, Apr 12 2010


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