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Uber Milk

Replace saturated fat with something healthy
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OK, I'm new here, so bear with me.

I've never quite gotten used to skim milk. I like 2%, but my wife needs to watch her fat intake. What if you took skim milk and added a healthier fat back in?

I was thinking Omega 3s, but they DO come from fish.

fishinabarrel, Sep 24 2003

Baked - Fish Milk http://www.dairyfar...sitem.jsp?newsId=29
Well milk with Omega 3's [PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 04 2004]

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       Watch it, those beasts are known to kick pretty hard.
krelnik, Sep 24 2003

       What about you both drink the same fatty milk, but she drinks it while riding a unicycle and you drink it while sitting still. That way you both get the benefit from the tasty milk, both get the same fat intake but you can become more healthy by exercising.
spinynorman, Sep 24 2003

       Just do what everybody else does, and buy one carton of milk for your wife and one for yourself. (I read somewhere that the average four person US household uses three different kinds of milk.)
DrCurry, Sep 24 2003

       < I like 2%, but my wife needs to watch her fat intake.>   

       Does your wife know you're talking about her?   

       Alternatively, drink fish milk. Easier to milk than an Uber.
Matty, Sep 24 2003

       Buy some of each then mix 'em. Of course, you might have to buy a lot in order to get the proportions right.   

       By the way, I'd replace the fat with chocolate. Or steak.
phoenix, Sep 24 2003

       You can get 1% milk in some places. It's nearly tolerable.
half, Sep 24 2003

       Speaking of half [half], in Newfoundland a few dairies market .5%, believe it or not. For people who want next to no fat, but want their coffee or tea to be a colour other than grey when they add milk to it.
Matty, Sep 24 2003

       What's with the weird Newfie obsession with halves? .5% milk, a time zone that's half an hour off, I wonder if there's more.   

       Now that's a place where people shouldn't be squeamish about fish-tasting milk. Don't you have to kiss a cod when you move there?
fishinabarrel, Sep 24 2003

       There's also a milk product called FitMilk out now, which is skim milk that tastes like 2%. IMHO, it's made out of 100% awesome.
Jem, Mar 10 2004

       One of the local dairies makes something called Fat Free Plus milk, which is skim milk with enough calcium added to bump the texture up to a 2% mouth-feel. I used to keep a bottle in the fridge for chai at the dorms.
Tabbyclaw, May 15 2004

       We have a skimmed milk with Omega 3 nationally sold around here. Take a look at the site below if it is what you want I will UPS it to you.   

       Best Regards,   

       Adnan Akdemir   

akdemir, May 15 2004

       In the Philippines, I had skim milk with added fiber.
tchaikovsky, May 16 2004

       another one of those skim + vitamins = faux 2% is Tuscan's Supreme Milk, FYI.
catboy17, Jun 25 2004


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