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Waggle Wagon

swinging commuters
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"Yo Beth, have you tried one of the new downtown buses yet? Those comfy aisle swings are fab!"
"No, whadya mean? Instead of hanging on straps?"
"Yeah, there's a cord to pull each one down from the ceiling, so everybody between the seat rows dangles and sways in unison, as the bus starts and stops in traffic. And you don't hit the seats on curves 'cause the swings are suspended so they can't swing sideways."
"Sounds neat, Jeb. But how do you get off the bus with, you know, all those trapezes hanging in the way?"
"No problemos. They raise back up when you climb off. Now they're talking about having only swings in a whole subway car, too. And wouldn't hammocks be great?"
FarmerJohn, Apr 16 2003


       Would look just like Newton's Cradle when the driver has to brake sharply. Good way to travel, but better on a train for that reason.
DrCurry, Apr 16 2003

       would'nt you have to get everyone to get off their hammock to get past, if you're at the back i mean?
BrianMaiden, Apr 16 2003

       DC: I was thinking more a cradle with space between the balls, and where all the balls would swing forward upon a stop.   

       BM: In this country one exits at the back, but yes, there would still need to be room to squeeze past.
FarmerJohn, Apr 16 2003


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