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Un-tinted Windows

Avoid tickets on hot sunny days
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Cops in B.C. are sticklers about front driver and passenger tinted widows. Tint in front of your shoulder is strictly prohibited. Solution: double pane glass has a ferro-magnetic suspension in water between panes. magnets pull the material down after a Cop pulls you over. Even better, roll down your window and ask "what seems to be the problem officer?" then you could say "Tint? What tint?" I suppose you could also have an evacuation pump that can refill the window with alternate colors. Might look cool with some LED lights.
Brian the Painter, Jan 05 2013

I like your take on it, here's another approach... Liquid-filled_20window_20tinting
[normzone, Jan 06 2013]

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       They woul catch on, then you're just asking to get some crack planted in your vehicle and jail time.
DIYMatt, Jan 05 2013

       If I get to keep the crack then I guess this has multiple benefits.
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013

       I concede that normzone had this idea first. This merely proves the brilliance of normzone. Funny how nothing is new under the sun. I thought for sure this one was as original as it gets. For my next idea, I must think of something so much, much crazier.....
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013

       LCD windows? Fluid-filled double glazing is going to add a lot of weight …
8th of 7, Jan 06 2013

       LCD Windows only work if the camera moves with your head, else you get the fish eye. How ever, I have heard of frostable LCD glass in shower stalls. Very cool. As soon as the door closes, Bamm, can't see through it.
Brian the Painter, Jan 07 2013


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