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Uncubist filter

image editing plug in filter that unscrambles Cubist paintings
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Cubist paintings are multi-faceted views of mostly still life subjects, of which Picasso and Braque were the principal protagonists. Many people find them satisfying and intriguing images, but for others they are a source of confusion and frustration as they struggle to unravel the seeming chaos of their complex layers.

Uncubist filter is a software plug-in that would restore the cubist image to a semblance of its "real" subject matter. It would achieve this by comparing and matching edges of parts of the image, in much the same way as the programmes that stitch together strips of individual images to make up continuous panoramas. A series of results would be created of each image presented, and instead of a jumble of confusing squares and angular shapes, the image of a bowl of fruit might emerge to startle and delight the viewer .

xenzag, Oct 17 2005

(?) Output of bungston's UnPollock filter. http://www.burytown...es/Paint%20Cans.bmp
[ldischler, Sep 08 2006]


       I love it. I am really looking forward to the 1.2 upgrade with the UnPollock filter.
bungston, Oct 17 2005

       'The Impressionism-Sharpening Filter'
jellydoughnut, Oct 18 2005

       This is fine +.   

       The Dali demelter.
bristolz, Oct 18 2005

       And, of course, an *oppressor* to take care of dadaism.
thumbwax, Oct 18 2005

       If you applied the uncubist filter to all your jazz albums, would they all end up sounding like Bing Crosby or Simon and Garfunkel?
zen_tom, Oct 18 2005

       If you squirt eucalyptus oil into your eyes and squint through the tears, everything looks like a Monet.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 18 2005

       And if you beat everyone else's faces to a pulp with an iron skillet, they look like a Francis Bacon.
zen_tom, Oct 18 2005

       I like that idea zen tom - you could also surgically convert them into Hieronymus Boschs - nip - tuck - run..... as for the Jazz albums, I'm sure that the Teddy Bear's picnic is lurking somewhere in the wild extremes of Ornette Coleman.
xenzag, Oct 18 2005

       The thing that really annoys me about Cubism is its name. What's it got to do with cubes? Nothing! It should be looking-at-everything from-all-angles at-onceism, or exploded-technical drawing-ism, just something that gives you a bit of a clue. Like Dadaism, I suppose...
zen_tom, Oct 18 2005

       Blame Cézanne for it was his "unstable" renderings that Picasso, Braque and Gris first sought to solidify through early Cubism before it took off on its own path.   

       "The origin of the name Cubism is disputed: it is sometimes attributed to an ill-tempered outburst of Matisse against Braque's work, and sometimes to the art critic Louis de Vauxcelles describing one of Braque's paintings as reducing everything to cubes."
--- virtualartroom.com

       Maybe, because cubist work is essentially faceted--composed of facets--the style should have been known as Facetious. ;-)
bristolz, Oct 18 2005

       How about a Cubister, or a Cuber? A program that takes any normal image and turns it into a Cubist masterpiece?
yigal, Jun 01 2006

       I would like to try it on normal images and see what it pastes together.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

       //protagonists// exponents, Shirley?
pertinax, Sep 08 2006


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