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Undirected Time

Add Incoming Links to Time Graph
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Rooms connected with corridors (undirected graph) allows one to move both directions. Web-pages connected with links (directed graph) does not allow one to proceed to all possible referrers. However, we can convert an directed graph to undirected by simply adding missing back-links.

Arguably, the difference between space and time is not more different, and all we need to make time back-travel-able, is to add links to all pasts that lead to all presents.

Inyuki, Nov 05 2017


       No, because the past, having occurred, is immutably fixed. All pre-existing possibilities have resolved into a single actuality.   

       Only the future is indeterminate. On observing the future , one single possible time stream becomes "now", and being fixed, forms the latest portion of the past.   

       Once the sand grains have passed through the pinch of the hourglass, all they can do is pile up one on another.
8th of 7, Nov 05 2017

       [8th of 7], that is only if we don't think that the pile is made of information, and that it cannot be reorganized.
Inyuki, Nov 05 2017

       I feel like you have left out some crucial piece of this concept.   

       And I would never go through a time machine running web 3.0.   

       Or whatever we are up to now.   

       I see Flash is still there.   

       web 2.0 I mean.
mylodon, Nov 05 2017

       " the future's uncertain and the end is always near .... "
normzone, Nov 05 2017

       Did you see that golf putt, where the golf ball did a 90 degree curve, straightened up and went into the hole. Any maths projection, using data from close to the hole just won't catch the curve. It's just not there to be seen.   

       So when was the big bang again.
wjt, Nov 06 2017

       //I maintain that you have no true way of knowing what happened in the past//   

       Yes, but that's seldom a sufficient argument to obtain an acquittal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2017

       //The reality of what happened is not ascertainable// ... said the paleoentomologist?
pertinax, Nov 06 2017

       There's a bug in that statement.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2017

       You're right. Sp.: palaeoentomologist. If they've gone to all that trouble to create a word with a compound trypthong, it would be disrespectful not to use it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2017

       //No, because the past, having occurred, is immutably fixed.//   

       So pessimistic...
theircompetitor, Nov 06 2017


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