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Well Beyond Colouring

Spectrum Crayon Colouring System
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This is a new product marketed to parents and elementary school teachers. It consists of a collection of products that encourages boys and girls to learn a lot about colours as they are casually playing.

Included with this system:

A cd that, when loaded on a computer, gives the learner an RGB slider, as well as, a website that has an RGB slider. (See Link)

A poster, showing the three RGB colours (See Link)

Three flashlights, each with a colour filter, Red Green Blue

A tin of watercolors

A colouring book.

A box of 64 crayons, but with each colour labeled with its RGB equivalent instead of with its name. For instance “255-0-0” instead of “red”

How it works: The learner opens the book. He sees the sky is marked not with the word “blue” but with the number “0-0-255”. He goes to the slider and dials in the number. “BLUE” he thinks to himself. He finds the right crayon, and colours.

Hey Kids… What colour do you get when you mix all the colours of LIGHT? Look at the poster… “WHITE!” Yes kids. That is exactly right.

And Kids… What colour do you get when you mix all the paints together?? “BLACK!!” Very good children. When you mix all of the paints, you get black!!

r_kreher, Jun 24 2008

(?) colour slider http://www.fortunec...phics/rgbcalc.shtml
[r_kreher, Jun 24 2008]

RGB Poster http://upload.wikim...GB_illumination.jpg
[r_kreher, Jun 24 2008]

A rose by any other name... http://www.december...c/color16codes.html
I suggest building a box with randomly chosen codes for each crayon. Call 'em Crazyons. Each box will have a different arrangement of codes, collect them all! [daseva, Jun 24 2008]

Pantone Universe coloured pencils http://davesmechani...loured-pencils.html
15-4343 “Ethereal Blue” – idyllic, balmy, pacifying. [jutta, Jul 16 2008]


       Isn't this about the third incarnation of this idea now? I still don't really see the point, though, as surely the kid can see just by looking what the colours of the crayons are. The kid sees the colouring book, sees the large patch of sky and thinks, "Ah! Sky! That'll be blue, then." Then he opens the box of crayons, sees the blue crayon, and goes on his merry way. Why should he bother about the RGB codes at all?
lostdog, Jun 24 2008

       An entire generation of kids ignorant of CMYK, forever unable to produce any printer-ready artwork.
hippo, Jun 24 2008

       //Isn't this about the third incarnation of this idea now? //   

       Yes. Yes it is. This is the third and final draft. The other two were messy so i mfd them.   

       Again, this is a product. I think an adult would buy it over a traditional box of static crayons. WWSB?? (What would Socrates buy?)
r_kreher, Jun 24 2008

       What would be cooler would be a single, large CMYK crayon with inbuilt sliders (Hugh, Saturation might be a preferable representation method for manual control)   

       The funny thing about colours, and our ridiculous fascination with RGB is that light doesn't really have colour at all, just a range of frequencies. It's our eyes that have elements that are attuned to particular (arbitrary?) points along that frequency continuum that are stimulated into producing electrical signals that we represent within our sensoria as red, green, blue and all the variations therein. It's all completely specific to an accident of our biology.   

       A *really* proper crayon should probably have a single slider that goes from 390-780nm, or from 4.3×10^14 to 7.5×10^14 Hz. That's what Socrates would buy.
zen_tom, Jun 24 2008

       Who's Hugh?
lostdog, Jun 24 2008

       //That's what Socrates would buy.//
Plato's would go from DC right up to gamma.
coprocephalous, Jun 24 2008

       //Who's Hugh?// Village People fan. Thinks it is fun to stay at the YMCK.
4whom, Jun 24 2008

       //Who's Hugh?// Hugh Saturation, he's mostly in charge of saturation, and cry.   

       //Village People// Brilliant.
zen_tom, Jun 24 2008

       //light doesn't really have colour at all, just a range of frequencies// It's topics such as this that can be introduced to the learner at a much earlier age. His knowlege of colour and his curiosity will have been piqued at an early age.   

       Why in the world am i getting boned?   

       zen, you should be behind this idea 100%. I am telling you... the wrong people are in charge of elementary edjamacation.
r_kreher, Jun 24 2008

       //It's all completely specific to an accident of our biology.// Isn't that true of all of our senses? How could i ever know that what you are tasting even remotely resembles what I am tasting?   

       How could ANYONE like liver? if you tasted what I taste when I (try to) eat liver, you would NEVER like liver. You would NEVER order it again. (pardon the caps. i get excited.)
r_kreher, Jun 24 2008

       Wait, is this for Socrates or elementary school teachers? I'm confused about your target audience, perhaps another draft is in the works?   

       This idea is getting boned because you are disproportionately adamant about the amazingness of renaming colors based on their RGB decimal code. Nobody's gonna learn a damn thing about color. And then you slap on something about black paint and white light, as if it's more than obvious now that we got these slider crayons. It all feels a tad demeaning and that is why I think it's getting boned (plus there's nothing fun or zaney in the construction).
daseva, Jun 24 2008

       //plus there's nothing fun or zaney in the construction//   

       perhaps you are right. it was a tiny germ of an idea, and i developed here. I'm happy with it and i'm done with it. Finito. Back to zaney.
r_kreher, Jun 24 2008

       I think you've over-developed your idea. Your original concept, I believe was simply a box of crayons with numbers on the labels instead of names. I bunned that and then you deleted it. Now you've got coloring books and water colors and flashlights with filters. It's all getting a little too complicated. Your original idea was simpler and better. If it aint broke don't break it.
jaksplat, Jun 24 2008

       yes,well i think you are on to something. I'll put together another draft this evening that isn't so cluttered. thanks for the input...
r_kreher, Jun 24 2008


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