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Move over McCleans, push off Colgates, I'm coming through
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Toothpaste is toothpaste is toothpaste, right?
Well, yes, but what about all those flavours?
Coproco Industries is proud to present UniPaste, the postmix toothpaste.

The central tub holds a stock generic bulk flavour-free gel or paste, and the clustered tubes around it the flavours, colourings and stripes, which are carried by an overly complicated system of non-return valves and hydrazine-powered pumps to the mixing nozzle.

Simply use your Bluetooth-enabled phone* to select the required flavour, and the UniPaste dispenser will deliver a gob of your favourite dentifrice.

*Batteries, hydrazine and mobile phone not included.
coprocephalous, Dec 01 2008

Whiskey toothpaste http://contexts.org...whiskey-toothpaste/
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