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an abbreviated version of the entire wikip
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not all brilliant ideas are good for humanity. here is one of those: reduce every wikipedia paragraph into a sentence. based on my quickmath, it would be less than 500 meg. *** it would fit in ram. *** the implications... most of your keyword-based world knowledge (not all!) is the sentencial version. so... what this would be is, your current understanding of most things PLUS your understanding of EVERYTHING ELSE.
gnormal, Jul 25 2010

Earth: "Mostly harmless". http://en.wikipedia...axy#Mostly_Harmless
Been there, done that, bought the towel ... [8th of 7, Jul 25 2010]

Single sentence =/= short. http://www.mrbauld.com/proustsent.html
[mouseposture, Jul 26 2010]

Tweeting the Gospel http://jakebelder.com/tweeting-the-gospel
Abraham Sangha, one of the contributors for the blog, The Institute, mentioned in his most recent post that he was once asked how you would tweet the gospel, to which he quickly replied, "You don't." [Jake Belder is] inclined to agree with him. [LoriZ, Aug 18 2010]


       Um, I don't suppose you could boil this idea down a bit? There's a good lad!
Grogster, Jul 25 2010

       And then, perhaps through the use of acronyms, we can put the whole thing on a 5-1/4 inch floppy disk! I'm sold... bun! [+] Now, where did I put that Comodore 64?
Grogster, Jul 25 2010

       Definitely not good for humanity. Would encourage <link>.
mouseposture, Jul 26 2010

       "things peopled" and it didn't take long at all, what were we discussing.. Oh yes! It reminds me also of a Dilbert cartoon in which Dilbert was required to summarize a 30 page document into one sentence. He managed it with two pages and a few semicolons.
Voice, Aug 19 2010

       if you reduce every paragraph into a single letter it'll be even smaller.
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2010


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