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Upright Vacuum Lamp

Dual purpose lamp and vacuum cleaner.
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An upright vacuum with an extensible handle with a light bulb socket at the end. Simply screw in the bulb after the first use and put the lamp shade that is included with the product over it to dull the glare. For people who are too lazy to put the vacuum away, so you can just stick it in the corner until the next use. At time of next use when particles are visible on the floor, simply turn the lamp off. No vacuuming required.
rcarty, Sep 29 2014

baked but not workable, so not really baked! http://fab.com/prod...r-floor-lamp-197974
[xandram, Sep 30 2014]


       [+] haha - I keep my living room lighting low, just for this reason!
xandram, Sep 30 2014

       1 bun. Had a Japanese guy vacuuming my head this afternoon....just thought I should mention that, in passing.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 30 2014

       nwditot +
pashute, Sep 30 2014

       Thanks for the link, that site is funnier than the halfbakery because it appraises the idea as being valued at $1200. Also it differs from this idea because it says lampshade is not included. Basically you're paying for a landfill vacuum cleaner and some very simple wiring work. I didn't search just posted.
rcarty, Sep 30 2014


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