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True Vacuum cleaning

space travel for the cleanliness-obsessed
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it has come to my attention that there are a few ideas here for vacuum cleaning, and there is usually at least one annotation reminding us that it's not really vacuuming, just sucking (Try going to Dixons and asking for a sucky cleaner?!)

So for pedants and the cleanliness-obsessed, I propose a subscription system where your entire house can be detached from its plot of land (or indeed its section in the tower block or terraced street) and sent to outer space where everything in it will float around in the vacuum, the true vacuum. One will need to bolt down all furniture, ornaments, appliances, etc, so that only the dust and unwanted things will move around. Ingenious flapping mechanisms at the orbiting cleaner station will remove the unwanted items, and then send your home back down to earth, ready for you to return after having spent the evening at the pub.

Of course there is the possibility that the dust didn't go anywhere and just floated a bit, and is now sticking to your ceilings and walls, but isn't that what happens now anyway, it's just a new way of getting the same result, which is what can be said about most technology developments I think.
lewisgirl, Jun 07 2001

Halfbakery: Vacuum Vacuum http://www.halfbake...dea/Vacuum_20Vacuum
Or use a *really* long hose. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       All sounds very logical. I read somewhere the technicalities behind your plan:   

       "Space is a vacuum, because the earth sucks".   

       And there is no such thing as a "true" vacuum. Space contains objects - lots of dust, a few small rocks and of course, planets and stars. However, pedantry aside, the ridiculously low pressure of space would be sufficient to relocate the insides of your house outside. *wink*
thackary, Jun 07 2001

       And a lot of dark matter. Of course, if other civilations had already baked lewisgirl's invention, then a whole new theory for explaining where dark matter came from becomes apparent.
It's all those odd socks and missing pens from Alien's homes that have been vacuumed into space!
goff, Jun 07 2001

       Even the hardest vacuum is seething with subatomic particles. These little bits of matter--'nano-dirt' if you will--appear at random, rather like miniscule dust bunnies, and disappear again in an instant. So the Universe is filled, even the apparently empty bits, by ingrained 'nano-dirt.' Which has nothing to do with lewisgirl's jolly idea, don't mind me it's just a minor obesssion.
Dog Ed, Jun 08 2001


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