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The Stillness of Dust

that's not my toe nail!
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Vacuum cleaners like the Dyson have clear plastic reservoirs filled with a rapidly rotating vortex of the domestic dust and other detritus they take in.

The Stillness of Dust is a photo series that results from using the latest cyclone vacuum cleaner strobe/camera attachment extra.

When it's switched on, you can choose to observe your dust at close quarters, as the strobe freezes its motion and a powerful magnifying glass reveals its detail. Alternatively you can take random photographs in macro mode, and submit them for exhibition as part of The Stillness of Dust series.

xenzag, May 12 2008


       // you can choose to observe your dust at close quarters// eew. why would you want this?
sninctown, May 12 2008

       Shouldn't this be under "art"? (+)
Voice, May 13 2008

       +Very nice+   

       It's useful and artistic. We'd probably be amazed what turns up in there. This would pay for itself in lego recovery alone!
bneal27, May 13 2008

       I smell a new CSI tool.   

       Cool. Acksherly, this would be cool not just as an art project, but as an aftermarket add-on for yr hoover, allowing you to stare agog at the duty hanging static in the air while you are cleaning up, and to have your neigbours twitching their net curtains, fearing raves.
calum, May 13 2008

       The only problem I see is that you need a strobe somewhere above 12 fps to make the image appear somewhat constant. So, you'll need the dust revolving in the cylinder at the same rate (~720 rpm). Luckily, some famous models of cyclonic vacuum cleaners reveal cyclonic rpms of up to 325,000 rpm, so plus.
daseva, May 13 2008


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