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Vietnamese mint mojito

a mojito but with persicaria odorata
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A few years ago I has an urgent mojito situation and no mint. Google told me you can replace the mint with rosemary and still get something mojitoish. Some go a step further and replace rosemary with lavender.

So I was nibbling on garnishes in a pho restaurant when I got this half-baked idea that this Vietnamese mint should also be passable because it has mint in the name. Should the lemon also be replaced with lemongrass or something?

I really don't know how to adapt recipes sensible, so I thought I'd just say it out loud on the Internet and see what the Internet said back.

b153b, Apr 22 2024


       Glad you dropped in, [b153b].   

       However, I must regretfully direct your attention to the Help File (see the link under "meta"), and what it has to say on the subject of recipes.
pertinax, Apr 22 2024

       In Vietnam, the herb is believed to repress sexual urges. Just what everyone wants in their booze.
a1, Apr 22 2024

       True pert, but with all respect, throwing a welcome back bun regardless. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 22 2024

       Welcome back. Here's your complimentary fishbone.
Voice, Apr 22 2024

       I went months or years without having an idea and the best I could come up with was "maybe this could go in a mojito?".   

       Must try harder, I guess.
b153b, Apr 28 2024

       It's been a tough few years, right?   

       Have another mojito.
pertinax, Apr 28 2024


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