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Whistling Toast

Edible intra-toast aerophone triggered by internal temperature threshold
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A perfect toaster that never burns the toast is hard to design because of the wide variety of bread out there. Instead the bread should just be designed to whistle when it's toasted.

This could be achieved by incorporating into the bread an edible airtight pocket, connected via a thin membrane to a resonant chamber. When the temperature rises to the appropriate threshold, the expansion of air in the pocket causes the membrane to break, generating a whistle blast.

This would only give a short tone. A continuous kettle style noise would be preferable, but I'm not sure the temperature of the toaster would be sufficient to produce the required sustained high pressure air movement.

oscil8, Jun 21 2012


       So the bread would be pre-sliced, then?
erenjay, Jun 21 2012

       But I like my toast just one second before it is burned!
xandram, Jun 21 2012

       Perhaps the rising heat above the toaster could be captured, and through venturi effect, produce a thin high speed stream that is directed just short of an edge. The puff of air from the enbreaded bladder is piped to impinge briefly onto the silent jet of venturied air, deflecting it against the edge and setting up an edge effect turbulence that once started, will not stop sounding until the toast is popped up and the heating elements cooled.
pocmloc, Jun 21 2012

       If it's an auditory cue you're after, perhaps a popcorn kernel or three could be inserted into each slice of bread before toasting?
AusCan531, Jun 21 2012

       // perhaps a popcorn kernel or three could be inserted into each slice of bread before toasting? //   

       Oh, Homeland Security's just going to LOVE you ... or at least, want to play fast and loose with your Bodily Orifices, which isn't quite the same thing - outside secure detention ... "Who's ya Daddy ?"
8th of 7, Jun 21 2012

       Ummm [8th], I don't know where the Borg store their bread before consumption, but on earth it's not within Bodily Orifices. The same goes for popcorn kernels.
AusCan531, Jun 22 2012


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