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Urban Snail

slow moving public transportation
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The Urban Snail is a gigantic mechanical snail on wheels that rolls along vacuuming the sidewalks and using what it vacuums for fuel. It never stops but it moves slowly. If you're not particularly in a hurry, hop on. Route maps can be found in the saddlebags.
Spacecoyote, Dec 17 2008

Tarkus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarkus
Just made me think of this. [zen_tom, Dec 17 2008]

Inspiration http://www.metro.co...56464&in_page_id=34
[Spacecoyote, Dec 17 2008]

(?) Snail Car http://blog.wired.c...ath-strange-dr.html
An art car, made from a VW bug. [Spacecoyote, Dec 17 2008]

Snail - you mean s-cargo? http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Nissan_S-Cargo
[4whom, Dec 17 2008]

On a slow train through Arkensaw http://archive.org/...4027252299_djvu.txt
My parents have this book old and crumbling [pashute, Jun 16 2014]

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       " vacuuming the sidewalks and using what it vacuums for fuel "   

       That's going to make for some ill-scented exhaust fumes.
normzone, Jun 16 2014


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