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Waterslide Mass Transit System

Get to work and get a cheap thrill at the same time.
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Why take a boring car ride or train to work everyday? How about a mile high waterslide. You'll get to work in a fraction of the time and have more fun at the same time.

Simply place your personal items inside our waterproof backpack. A transponder in the backpack is linked with sensors along our patent-pending dynamically routing waterslide system. As you near a routing gate the sensors trigger the gate to change based on your preselected destination.

Each of the 100 slide portals is equipped with showers and changing stalls as well as zip lines for the last few hundred feet to your place of business, ensuring your hair and clothes will be dry and leaving you with that fashionable wind-blown look.

All our waterslides are covered with a transparent plastic arch so you can experience the thrill of skimming down the numerous 300ft drops. In the winter waterslides are heated for your comfort.

freshbaked, Oct 26 2009

Your idea visualised http://www.youtube....watch?v=1WlRcXIO5ik
It's a nice idea, but you've been beaten to it by Barclays. Still, welcome to the bakery! [theleopard, Oct 26 2009]


       [+], even though it's wildly impractical.   

       How long will it take to get to the top of the mile high starting point?   

       Also, how far do you expect this ride to go, measured horizontally?
goldbb, Oct 26 2009

       Once when rafting with a hi-tech company, with all us Israelis never doing what we were told, our instructor told us that he had previously had a group of Japanese tourists. When he said "Right side row!" all the guys on the right rowed in unison. When he said "Left!" the right side stopped immediately, and only the left side rowed.   

       They paddling along mechanically when he saw one straight faced tourist say in a monotonic voice: "This is so enjoyable!".   

       I envision everybody missing the fun altogether. Its like riding the train. Kids are thrilled. The view is beautiful. There's a constant rhythm. There are interesting people of all sorts. Businessmen just click at their computer, and teenagers take the time to aggravate everybody, thinking they are funny.
pashute, Jun 16 2014


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