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Velcro bus/tube catcher

Velcro suit for daredevil commuters
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I've seen velcro suits that kids can stick themselves to special velcro walls with at funfairs. This is based on that idea but for those commuters who hate to arrive at the bus stop or tube station to see the train or bus pull off without them and who don't mind a bit of a white knuckle ride. A velcro surface on the vehicle would give them a chance to catch it by flinging themselves at it and sticking on while they are wearing their velcro suit (optionally with springy shoes). In the case of the tube, tunnels would need to be widened to allow for the extra space being taken up by people stuck to the side, but the journey would be a highly invigorating experience. It would look quite cool too.
stupop, Sep 28 2001

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       Nothing so complex - you'd just need ropes hanging off all round the side. Grab on and hang tight. Climb on top and surf, or dangle and swing off the back.
pottedstu, Sep 28 2001

       Detaching yourself may indeed be a bit of a problem, but I imagine you could somehow rip yourself off, or be helped off by a member of staff. Perhaps you could wear an electromagnet belt which could be turned on and off to stick and unstick yourself accordingly. [pottedstu] A schoolfriend of mine tried climbing on top of the subway in New York and found that it isn't very good for you (see link). Although if it was made so that you were allowed to do it, they might take some safety measures.
stupop, Oct 01 2001

       I'll never forget the full run I saw a guy break into - he leapt and caught the back of a fast moving bus.
thumbwax, Oct 01 2001

       Cool idea. If ever it gets Baked I'll buy up shares in law firms and paper companies.
sdm, Oct 01 2001

       Oh, same as my idea, only in my version it's a regular feature, similar to those places where the bus is a stretched truck designed so that some sit inside and the more able-bodied hang along the outside (which is usually better than being inside).   

       As I looked to see if it had already been proposed, I also found micromechanical velcro, which fits nicely since it would double as a local postal service: You put your message in a velcro tennis ball and chuck it at the bus. When it gets to its pre-set destination, the ball releases and the waiting Labrador romps after it in exchange for a treat.   

       Now, before people get prickly about fares, there'd be a little machine at the stop, plus random checks. If you didn't pay, they'd put you on the velcro police car, then stick you to the velcro jail.
rowlycat, Dec 24 2002

       So, how do you "de-velcro" yourself from a speeding bus or subway? Wouldn't you also need an inflatable "sumo suit" to cushion you fall as you come off of the vehicle?
muzer, Oct 07 2003

       you made me laugh. superb idea. i can only immagine those sad faces of those attaced to the body of a train or bus....the ultimate urban depersonalisation...let me know if you want to build a prototype.it would be a total press smasher. i am on you side anytime. can test in london soon
noam, Nov 25 2003


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