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Zip your way home!
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1) Ready to go home?
2) Whip out your trusty trolley and a harness and make your way up to 80th floor of the nearest skyscraper.
3) Pick the line heading toward your house and ... weeeee!

See diagram

ixnaum, May 31 2011


       So, if you take the zipline home, how does your car get home so you can go to work the next day? Most ziplines don't work too well in ascension mode. [-]
Klaatu, May 31 2011

       Carpool, take a bus, or train. Or just wait for critical mass to make it possible for towers to be built just with this purpose in mind. That way you zip to work and from work.
The cars in the diagram are there just to entice you to sacrifice the comfort of your car heading to work, for the thrill of the return journey ... so, the promotion of mass transit to work is more of a positive side effect more than primary intent ... I should have been more elaborate with my cartoon and have something like this:

       Bob: You took the bus to work today, Joe???
Joe: Ya, it was worth it!
Bob: Worth it? You are such a loser!
Joe: *Grins to himself* ....

Later that day as Joe zips above Bob stuck in his BMW convertible in heavy traffic.

Joe: "See you later loser!"
ixnaum, May 31 2011

       If I ever got the chance to design a city I had thought to make all inner city travel by cable cars. Elevators on the buildings would raise and lower to allow two way travel and the only street vehicles would be delivery or municipal vehicles... or bikes. (+)   

       Nice picture! Looks like you should reach terminal velocity about half way down, slamming into the house at breakneck speed. This should give you plenty of time on the way down to put the finishing touches on your last will and testament (the document being notarized, of course, by the Notary Public that is sliding down the cable with you and, as luck would have it, has nothing left to live for). How could I *NOT* bun this? [+]
Grogster, May 31 2011


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